Pork roll with onions, walnuts and prunes

Submitted by enr on 06 Jan 2013
400 g pork LOIN
200 g of prunes pitted
50 g walnuts
100 ml red wine and water
2 onions
1 stalk leek
sunflower oil
cumin, white pepper and salt
Pork roll with onions, walnuts and prunes
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Clean counter loins skins. Start slicing counter tenderloin lengthwise so as to obtain a long and wide piece. Cover with foil and beat the meat. Season with salt, white pepper, cumin and sunflower oil on both sides. For the preparation of stuffing cut freckles onion rings leeks and crush the walnuts. In the heated pan fry the onion and leeks until golden. Finally add the walnuts. Salt them. Ready stuffing distributed over the counter fillet. Roll and fasten thread. Place in roasting bag with prunes, wine and water. Bake at 140 degrees for 2 hours. The meat becomes very tender and juicy. You will feel the crispness that comes from the walnuts and slightly sweet-sour taste of prunes and wine. * Serve with a glass of red wine!
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06 Jan 2013