Presburgski muffins

Submitted by enr on 10 Jan 2010
1 kg of flour
125 g of powdered sugar
125 ml milk
375 g butter or margarine
3 eggs
40 g yeast (a cube)
2 vanilla
# For the filling:
200 g ground walnuts
200 g crushed biscuits
200 g of powdered sugar
1 tbsp cocoa
200 g milk
Presburgski muffins
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Stir the butter and powdered sugar, add beaten eggs separately. Dissolve yeast in lukewarm milk and add it together with the flour and vanilla. Interfere soft dough, divide of 5 balls each and Roll mode on 14 pieces. Add a spoonful of stuffing and turn like a croissant. Leave for 20 minutes to rise and mazhem with yolk, bake at 180 C. For the filling mix all products to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The recipe is for 70 muffins.
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10 Jan 2010


muffins are saying Presburgski (German - Pressburg), Czech Pre & # 353; purk, Slovak: Bratislava. Their original name is bratislavsk & # 253; ro & # 382; ok, German Pressburger Nussbeugel. Filling is of equal parts ground nuts (most often hazelnuts) and sugar, mixed with the yolks until thick mass.

recipe I like. And the picture look good.

stuffing me is very interesting :)

rlankata is so delicious that you can hardly resist and before putting it in muffins!

The filling is really wonderful and I hoped and muffins are wonderful! In baked muffins he did not feel, even though I put plenty. The recipe did not meet my expectations for something different!

Yesterday I made muffins. I am not satisfied with the result! Follow any recipe, but the dough was not at all tasty stuffing ... melt ... not successful, or at least mine did not work.

again dug them looking through my recipes and found them. What I found around the internet, is quite different from this recipe - and dough, but mostly as stuffing. As I have written below - the filling does not contain any fusible components, such as biscuits, and that 200 ml of milk! Clearly, it will melt and absorb into the dough! Stuffing found in addition to that I knew and another in which 125 ml of water dissolve 150 g of powdered sugar and boil syrup. This syrup is placed 350 g ground hazelnuts 30g butter, a pinch of cinnamon and rum spoon. The amount of stuffing is a dough, made from 250 g flour, 120 g butter, 20 g of yeast, 20 g sugar (or more), a pinch of salt and 60 ml of water. That is. The filling is much more abundant and, moreover remains, and does not melt!