Submitted by enr on 17 Jan 2008
300 g minced meat
50 g butter
50 g cheese
1 onion
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp savory
500 g bread
2 pinches of baking soda
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Minced meat is kneaded with grated onion, cut into small cubes cheese, baking soda and spices. The bread is cut into thin slices, each is spread with a little butter and top with the minced meat. Bake in microwave at 1350 W for 1 minute included grill or in the oven until ready.
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17 Jan 2008


Classics! Super breakfast!

Super is - the most delicious thing!

In the morning I made them - are fabulous!

Many were tasty, but a little maznichki.

On the other recipe mince know that soda is not shrink minced meat during thermal processing.

is interesting, but does it work?

I prepare them the same way, except that you do not put onions and cheese nastargvam..i it when I have time roast them in mikroveleto ..If your oven is on the weak like mine (700W) -se bake in a long time. One trick for those who do not have a grill, I do not to wet the slices below when the plate and bake Put another slice of bread and top sandwiches ... so they remain dry bottom ..I never put soda in the meat for anything, nor for meatballs or sandwich-it just changes their flavor and to not shrink mince wherever bake sandwich in the microwave, barbecue grill, oven, halogenka -prosto when knead minced put some cold water 500 g minced 1 CAF. cup and then you will need the lubrication oil, minced meat is enough oily and greasy bread-and butter just shrinks mince-generating slip on it ..

Girls enlist and I! :) I never put onions and soda. Not bad, something new to try. :) As I Mariyanka put a little water. Not dub slices with oil. Butter put it with kneading, in mince and cheese. I never shrinks after baking the slices remain tightly covered. Best - is obtained if we put a little soda water. In Toshovata time it like that prepared the meat in restaurants. But then mince was pure meat, rather than junk. ;)

Hello and I will share my way of kneading mince for princesses - instead of water put 1 egg, cheese cubes and spices, years ago I put oil, but now it leaked that has enough oil and minced and cheese :)

perfect Sunday breakfast :) Do not put onions and soda. Just a little some water, not shrink minced meat.