Pulling banitsa in Macedonia

Submitted by enr on 16 Mar 2010
# For the dough:
1 liter hot water
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sunflower oil
10 g yeast
flour - enough to make
# For the filling:
fried cabbage
feta cheese or cottage cheese
Pulling banitsa in Macedonia
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Involved soft dough with warm water, the salt, the oil and yeast and it is used balls. Arrange in a buttered pan, each ball is smeared over with sunflower oil. Allow about 30 minutes the dough to rest. Then each ball is razmakva to very thin, he put the filling and a little sunflower oil. Starting from the center of the tray until it is full. Then pour a little sunflower oil on top and put to bake. Bake in preheated oven at 200 C. When ready, the banitsa cover with a damp cloth to soften.
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16 Mar 2010


Roughly how much flour you for 1 liter of water?

A stuffing fried cabbage Is it cheese or is it both mixed?

I often do make this pie for my family, but I never measured the flour, just as you take to being kneaded ... but if that is so important, I will ask my sabrug, it deals with making snacks and knows all about the dough.

Yes, I very often you do with fried cabbage, maybe with fried sauerkraut, sometimes do with grated cheese and maybe with cheese or fried mince as moussaka ... in principle with everything what you zamislis always going super. But me personally most like a parched sour or fresh cabbage.

Eee, at one time there was cabbage in student chair the other day in the canteen immediately appeared tortillas with cabbage. From this dough can you become such cakes because of *pulling* definitely not handle it.

Ha-ha-ha ... I think that if he put a large amount of yeast - are sure to get. But I think that is not so hard pull, just have good dough to rest in a warm and very nice to razmakva. Not to cling to the table can be used cover (only for working with dough), I always use one, because the dough is greasy and zalyapa mass. But if you're not sure ... you can try only half a dose.

I Heard that not every meal can pull ... Is that so?

Yes, it is, but I think that type of flour - 400 pulling it.

1. Roughly 6 to 1. 7 kg of flour. But with 1 l. Of water is a much dough. A medium-sized pan and enough dough involved with about 600 ml of water.

Of course, we generally rule more kolichestovo of this pie because I adore.

I always wanted to do this pie, I even tried something but I did not give you the dough ... or at the very pulling, peel me tear.

The dough should be well kneading and then by making beads, coated with oil, should be left about 30 minutes to stand in a warm water is better to be warm. Once the ball stayed, take and began pulling away from the middle pa so as to lean on the whole table. But honestly admit me hard and I was going to pull you learn, first pulled pie I did ... ha ha get the cow. So do not worry, everything is a matter of time and desire.

Sometimes if the dough is very stayed also can be short.

Very nice pie, Rummy! Congratulations for the recipe! I love pulled pie. I made it with nettles in the stuffing instead of fresh cabbage, shtot my people do not tolerate it, but again became good. Pulling his mother. First dip the ball of dough into hot oil and easier to disarrange.

I am very glad that you liked ...

Very nice recipe, thank you. I only slowed the products half 4f not alone master of darpaneto but polu4i very well, home Jan. rated properly, ate in January Well done.