Quick pancakes

Submitted by enr on 13 Jan 2009
3 eggs
1/2 yeast
500 ml warm water
2 tsp salt
fat baking and spreads
Quick pancakes
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Eggs mixed snow, add salt, water and yeast and stirred until a homogeneous mixture. Is added portionwise flour until mixture resembles density boza. Leave to rise for about 1 hour in a warm place. Bake on a hot plate or a Teflon pan, greased beforehand with sunflower oil. Finished pancakes are coated with butter, while still warm.
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13 Jan 2009


have prepared pancakes on this recipe - it most closely resembles pancakes that cousin makes the mountain. There they Paiute of sach and real fire, I baked them in the houses of griler and induction cooker. But the result is yummy either way :)

I made them today for breakfast are great! Serve them with cheese and sweet to me these cheese I liked more for my husband did not matter, said that he believed both were very tasty!

I want to ask what it means-half yeast? Because of the dry yeast has packets that are for 1 kg. flour, and there are about 500 g. or if a live yeast how many grams should be?

I put a packet, which is about a pound of flour.

yeast, which is put on 1 kg of flour is '15 In blurring her and I put 1 tablespoon sugar.

Thank you girls :)

what yeast is used dry it?

as far as I understood from milena75 use dry yeast or at least it used such :)

I used fresh yeast - 1/2 cube.

I think happens with both.

How about in the grill tigana- little square, but it does not matter as much to me. I liked these traces of roasted ticks :) Tomorrow morning will do them, so please recent response.

I think I will bake pancakes and grill pan. What is important is the temperature at the bottom is higher. As thicker bottom of the pan, the better. I roast them griler whose bottom is thick and accumulates heat. So close to saci. SUCCESS :)

eggs how mixed snow ... for whites clear goals ... but ... to whiten you have in predvit

I break them purposes - not divide whites and yolks. Even in the interest of truth, smash them with mixer Tupperware.

It is intended to break the eggs well - foam, not just to stir.

Thank you for your answers! Later I'll write about the result :)

great pancakes ... I made them in a Teflon pan ... I reduced the salt because the amount given me comes a lot of taste and replaced the water with milk etc.

Amazing pancakes were received, bravo to the author :) And became fast-ins for 40 min., Rather faster than pancakes May tastier. I did them on a grill pan on Tefal- I hesitate not to use a pan for pancakes, but the grill has a thick bottom. I thought I would become square, but were round and very tasty. I put a ladle in the center and spread to the outside of the ladle. Finished oil lubrication. In this type of pan can without maznina- baked, not fried. Became ticks as I wanted :) Definitely I will do them. Are super!

Very delicious were received and these katmichki me, I did them in a Teflon pan, without any fat and also as BRIDA, replaced the water with milk. Definitely this is my recipe for pancakes will be made regularly and even a double dose. Thank you shared it with us :)

Today, I try it Poneva long wanted to cook pancakes with yeast. Received is wonderful. Also added milk and water, because councils chefs colleagues have told me that good pancakes and pancake joints and milk and water together :) Thanks