Red pancakes Chickpea

Submitted by enr on 21 Oct 2013
3 tbsp flour full of chickpeas, nezapecheno
150 ml water
1 egg
4-5 tbsp smooth crushed tomatoes
1 tsp crushed dried chili
1 tsp flaxseed
salt (carefully)
Red pancakes Chickpea
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In water, stir the flour, add all other products and is broken down to full smoothness (I use a manual shaker). The mixture was allowed to stand for ten minutes, and then dry in a teflon pan baked pancakes 2 to 3, depending on the size of the pan. Kotlonat must be of average temperature and pancakes made as thin as it is covered bottom of the pan. When the rim they become golden and begin to lift from the pan, turn with spatula. The pancakes are of holes and are suitable for direct consumption and for browning with various fillings. As the pancakes are only suitable for savory fillings is better to have only slightly savory. * The mixture is 2-3 pancakes and can be stored in refrigerator up to 24 hours. * Ratseptata is gluten-free, lactose-free and also suitable for low carb and slow carb diet .
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21 Oct 2013


look very appetizing pancakes, but the last time I could not find chickpea flour.

I buy it in the Indian supermarket. Flour and lentils also there. I have not tried the pancakes with flour of lentils, but it will be later tomorrow and says that is interchangeable, i. E. Will edit accordingly :)

I'll try coming days more quietly that many holidays have these days, I love pancakes, but these are dietary and just for me.

Flower will be happy to share. Recipe I shared it in a German group and already two women wrote to me that nothing was happened: / OK, in one photograph I found that enjoyed meal of roasted chickpeas, which is large and its oztava grainy. The other did not answer even my question, what exactly does not occur ...

I have a fine meal nahud and there is no way not to become.

Rally, I found chickpea flour. English chick has two names: chick peas and garbanzo beans (this begged for information). I already made one unsuccessful attempt pancakes, but the error is entirely mine. I missed half sentence: *and are broken down to complete smoothness.* The result was that many hard turning and shredded. Soon will try again - this time as directed and share the results.

Gerganche, may be short, because the stove was a little stronger. Pancake then sealed underneath and inside remains soft and simply not enough elasticity. Try to leave the mixture to swell enough and you're not very hot stove. Good luck and told how they received. Meanwhile me are my favorites and translated them in day :)

The first was failure After coating the bottom of the PTFE pan with olive oil so I make them without problem, thin and very tasty, one prepekoh but she became crispy yummy. Raleigh became my favorite and often will do.

Flower, very glad, dear :) The picture looks just like me and get me. What is the grid? Cheese? How do you cut it? :)

Cheese sliced ​​with scraper.

Rally, I did not receive a stronger and a weaker stove. You can buy a nice stick pan and will become! Only you envy you with color - the pancakes you look very appetizing, but from experience I know that taste so good.

Gerganche very sorry :( I do them almost every day and every time I get perfect ... upload a photo from this morning ...