Pita with decoration

Submitted by enr on 01 Jan 2009
500 g. Flour
400 ml. water
1 tsp salt (with tip)
2 tsp sugar (peak)
2 tbsp butter
Pita with decoration
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Yeast, sugar, salt and water are mixed and stirred to form an intimate kashitsa. Thus blended mixture was allowed to warm until the yeast effervescent - about 30 min, depends on the yeast. In the screened in a suitable container made of flour well, which was poured kashitsata. The butter is added 3-4 times during the mixing of the pita. Attention is a small ball of dough for decoration. Dough aside for decoration should be knead with more flour to make it harder. After the pita is matured in court, which will bake decorated with figures of firm dough. Oven preheated to 180 C and the pita is baked about 40 minutes. To make the crust thin and crisp during baking in the oven bowl of water area as a small baking dish. To achieve the effect of rural bread, after deduction of the pita from the oven carefully sprinkle with flour, shake off excess as. Alternatively, once out of the oven to bake with butter.
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01 Jan 2009


Very beautiful creations. Bravo!

Bravo! Magnificent creations, now there was a dab Cheese ...!

Bravo! Very beautiful look.

very nice looking, well done.

are very beautiful great idea to decorate!

Do you pity them broken. Great ideas for decoration. Well done.

are so beautiful! I can not check on them! This baking pan with water will write it down on the forehead, my becoming like a stone.

The third picture has Christmas spirit, thank you for the nice idea 2752039 suitable with the coming holidays.

key test made on this recipe, and the idea of ​​decoration borrowed from desislava_pm. Oil swapped with margarine and turned further quantity (how to shape it required). Was very tasty cake.

Elti, congratulations! Great bread you did!

Thank you, tillia.

Congratulations, Elti! Amazing cake!

Thank you, mimsi. Today this recipe again and again with margarine (for fast), but in a double dose.

Many successful recipe! I made it into double dose I had guests! Thank you!

Desi, which of which more beautiful cakes! Bravo!

Desi masterly made cakes - congratulations!

desislava_pm Desi is great is your bread but why not put other detailed pictures to see how this miracle was very happy when I saw your profile you're from my home town of Pomorie!

Thank you, girls. Glad perfect chefs like you are like my cakes! Very nice.

Certainty the that our bread for Christmas was this recipe!

Desi, piecing them one after the other has masterfully made cakes!

Natalie, your cake is also interesting shaped.

Wow, Desi! I have no words! Beauty!

Oh, uaaau! Desi cake for most wonderful you did! And not only that, I realized that his acknowledged master of cakes! Well, I admit it :)!

Wow, Desi directly proud of you, beautiful cake, artwork, no equal!

Desi Bravo! Amazing work again! But I have a request - give a little more information or pictures how did you manage this spectacular and beautiful species of flower in flower, if not patent course :)

Thank you, girls.You are very kind and also recognized masters-kulinarki.Eli is not a patent of course precisely this model makes it very, very easy, I gave a link to the topic ,, Ideas and creativity in pictures *by most ideas for shaping I took from there, and the dough is in the recipe quite simple, only in a double dose and with less water.

Thank you very much Desi! All day I can not check on them :)

Oh, Desi, what beauties you ordered here ... I was speechless. BRAVO!

Desi another beauty you create incredibly beautiful cake!

desislava_pm, would you share how you did the decoration in the picture with rose and leaves, it looks like the side of a shallow herringbone :)

Wonderful cakes girls. For Christmas Eve I made such core products, but in different quantities: 1 kg. flour, 1. l. salt 1 h. l. sugar, yeast per kilogram of flour (I work with a dry - put two packages of dr. Oetker), 500 ml. lukewarm water, 100 ml. oil. For figures: Approximately 100 grams of flour, water and salt. Becomes really very tasty cake.

Zllate very beautiful cake you - what is greased top?

Thank di_jar, greased It is also hot with a solution of 1. L. Sugar 1. L. Of water and a few drops of olive oil / oil /. And because often ask me not okay sweet - no, do not feel the sweet taste :)

Very nice cake!