Stuffed peppers with bulgur and minced meat

Submitted by enr on 22 Aug 2012
12-16 peppers
500 g minced meat
8 tbsp bulgur
2-3 onions
1 carrot
3-4 tomatoes
piece of celery (or leaves)
pinch of sugar
sunflower oil (olive oil)
spices optional - black pepper, cumin, salt colorful mixture of thyme, oregano and marjoram
Stuffed peppers with bulgur and minced meat
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Peppers are washed, cleaned of seeds and salting inside. onions and handles parsley and celery (if leaves) are cut into small pieces, carrot and celery (if head) is grated. Stew in preheated oil. Add one grated tomato, spices, pre fuzzy with little water mince (to not become chunky), the bulgur and 8-10 tbsp water. Once the mixture boils add salt and leave on very low heat until the bulgur absorb all the liquid. To the slightly cooled mixture, add chopped celery leaves and part of the parsley. Fill peppers, opening them dipped in flour to not fall stuffing. Arrange in a suitable tray and pour the remaining sauce tomatoes, grated, salt, sugar and a little water (the liquid should be half of the peppers). Bake in early high heat and bring to the boil - moderate temperature. In presenting sprinkle with remaining chopped parsley.
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22 Aug 2012


ised style photos and cooking is unique! Thank you! Today we have fish, but for tomorrow shte prepare it!

snowy, thank you for your appreciation, but your photos are very nice! I hope you liked the dish as tasty look Image :)

... very tasty!I am fascinated by the taste, which gives bulgur dishes! Much better yield than with rice! tillia, thanks for the recipe!

Nellie, thank you! Very nice picture! Hopefully you've eaten with pleasure!

Very, very tasty peppers! And I like bulgur with more than rice. Will surely attend often our menu :)

Reni, very tasty served with them these rolls! I am glad that our tastes match!

Ina, very tasty dish - thanks :) In fact, only recently use bulgur and I am very happy :)

Bonnie bulgur is more useful than rice! Try to replace rice and other dishes and see the difference. Glad you liked the recipe :)

As promised often present in our menu :) Ina, thanks to you *discovered* bulgur - almost do not use rice for these peppers.

Reni, very glad I made them again, obviously you like! Look attractive as well as your previous images! :)

Very tasty, thank Ina. Photo by me.

Mary, I am very glad that you experimented with the recipe! Look appetizing, and they are! :)

registered specifically to say that today I made this recipe and I kept everything exactly, and all home licking your fingers! :)

elicad, thank you that you experimented with my proposal and I am very glad that you have been delicious! A site will surely find many interesting recipes! Good luck!