Rose cucumber

Submitted by enr on 12 Jul 2009
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Rose cucumber
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Cucumber cut in two and one half also two. Cut very thin, long slices of cucumber halves. A thin piece of shrinking spiral. Other thin strips are wound around it, each piece being turned down (it like a ribbon). At the base is secured with a toothpick or needle.
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12 Jul 2009


cucumber should not be blanched before form?

No. When cut into very thin does not make sense to be blanched. If blanched will become very soft and the edges will hang down instead of face.

incredible! Where do you find those beauties!

Thank you. You're right ...

Very beautiful! Someone had dropped something in the forum, but with yellow leaves of a tree!

mimsi, what was bunches of leaves if I am not mistaken. Also very beautiful.

Vesi BRAVO! The idea is great!

Yes it is very beautiful, but it would be honest and can point and Orthodox Russian website as source. I could publish such table decorations, but with the reference, which will be just and fair. Be strong and nothing personal. Simple principle!

right now and looked at the other photos - one were stolen from the official Russian website. Shame on you! It maybe they flipped them somewhere, but it was a long time ago. Do not ask me to write a link to the site. Check - this and moderators. Many of the decorations here are literally copied pictures from the encyclopedic Russian site. So not built image and not achieved a rating. Excuse my tone, but teased. It newspapers and steal photos of Bulgarian forums, but this should be corrected in some way!

What the hell happened !? Come on! As if you do not copy photos and foreign thoughts and everything! People do and their murders go free and happy and you do here is larger and Catholic than the Pope!