Salted layered cake Fan

Submitted by enr on 15 Dec 2013
1 sliced ​​bread (600 g)
400 g of ham or other sausage
100 g butter or margarine
150 g Cheese
tomatoes 2
3 eggs
150 ml milk
salt, black pepper and spices to taste
Salted layered cake Fan
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Apply curly form cake pan or a simple (as I did) with butter. Cut bread slices into halves. Beat eggs with milk, add salt, pepper and spices to flavor the mixture take 5-6 tbsp of sauce. Apply a thin layer of butter one side of each bread, and the other side dip in egg mixture. Arrange-coated slices in fan shape (upright) as between each slices of bread arrange a thin slice of tomato (I missed), ham and a slice of cheese (I used pre-shredded). After arrange the cake, sprinkle top with grated cheese and pour the rest of the egg mixture. Bake in a preheated 180C degrees oven until tender and browned slices and cheese get a golden crust. Serve with fresh parsley leaves.
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15 Dec 2013
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Quick, easy and beautiful way will not be tasty! Great suggestion, Pepi :)

Thank you, Reni! Was really tasty, I could not wait to finish breakfast and get the recipe and photos of course :)

Oh, this MIGHT her look from week to revolve around Facebook. Thank you put her here.

I saw her last week in FB in Mariyanka / mamcheto61 /. I expected that he would put her here. :) Original idea, easy, tasty and especially if poizostanal bread, perfect recovery! Iris, it's great for sharing this recipe! :) Your pictures are great, looks very appetizing!

Didka, Ina thank you for the good comments! To be honest I had not noticed the recipe on Facebook, unlike a friend who draw attention to me with some mouth-watering pictures ... :) :) :). So barely restrain myself to weekends and surprise home for breakfast! I hope you can appeal :) :)

Pepi, a lot like us! :) I might have prepared with sausage, roll, smoked processed cheese. Tomatoes put them after I baked (at the insistence of my son). If you ask why rearranged the slices lying (and left them whole), I can not answer you :) :) while laying cake I spoke with my men, orders have spoken ... and this is the result :) wonderful!

Rennie, great fan has received! Straight or lying slices is irrelevant, it is important that you have been delicious! :) :) :)

This idea of ​​arranging touring for several weeks through Facebook, I have personally seen her in several culinary profile. Without I saw publication here also try it. Taste depends on what you put between slices, in my case was filling turkey ham, beef sausage, fresh mushrooms, sliced ​​maasdamer, remoulade and many parsley. Sprinkled with dried grated mozzarella. It was very tasty. Personally us very difficult our consumption - and to cut them, filling Russell quite unpalatable, and were wondering how to eat - their hands are soaked to the wrists, and with a knife and fork sliding slices ... Half left, and the next day was not tasty and unfortunately discarded. I have photos, but not good and will get them :)

awesome and delicious! This will be one It feels great breakfast, and not only. As soon as her try.

Thanks for the comment, world! I'm sure I will stay happy. Pastry is spectacular and very tasty :)

and I tried this cake, it was delicious, I added only Salami to ham slices and cut in halves, because I worked on it in a small pan, and again we came mnogo..edinstvenoto which will change the next time will do the quantity of milk-will reduce it or replace it with yogurt but again in a small amount simply because the bottom slices were cheese and cheese will put it at the end of cooking and not the beginning to not pregarya..tortata is great and nice and breakfast and dinner-and that goes for lunch ..

Thank Marianka! Alive and well, great photos added! I have already tried and successfully replaced the milk with yogurt, added a little sodichka. It was also very good, everything is eaten (as always) :). Greetings!

Tasty! :) Instead I put tomato roasted peppers and a pickle that now with these tomatoes are only shops I would spoil the taste of the whole cake. Instead I used sour milk. Thanks, perunika! :)

Mimeto very appetizing look (hungry, as you look at the pictures) :) :)

Thanks, Reni :) I really get very tasty! Ate is no time :) Quick and easy, I will do :)

mimetics, great cake! No need to thank me, I'm glad that you chose the recipe! Enjoy your meal :) :) :)

Stela25, very tasty crust you got! :)

Very tasty breakfast get! I replaced the oil with basil pesto. Thanks, perunika for easy and quick recipe!