Sparkling cabbage

Submitted by enr on 21 Jul 2011
1 cabbage - 1.5-2 kg
2 onions
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp pepper
2 tbsp salt
1.5 liter soda.
250 ml vinegar
Cabbage cut into thin strips (grater cabbage). Chop finely. Mix all ingredients for the sauce / marinade. Carefully when pouring soda - the sugar boil. Cabbage is placed in a deep bowl, add the onion, pour soda marinade, weighs a suitable lid or bowl and let stand for 24 hours in a refrigerator or cool. It is important that the cabbage is completely covered by the sauce. Drain is serving. From soda cabbage softens and becomes very tender. The salad is perfect for every season.
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21 Jul 2011


very strange recipe. I never thought that could make such a combination. :) More evidence that the kitchen can try thousands of recipes and flavors :)

ordained follow her instructions. It was an odd odor and taste (no salt) salad. Just not to the taste of the family ... I decided that the time (2-3) days will be improved, but alas, went in the bin.

I think maybe the strange smell coming from the onions can be avoided and should not be put. Can put carrots and celery as in traditional salad, only to use the marinade and I think it will get a good result :)

In the recipe has salt - 2 tablespoons -, I just left it, which I'm so sorry. The recipe I gave her friend after her and Qusay salad was quite new to me. Now I read the comments of Mikko, immediately phoned my friend and she told me that the recipe is from the Internet, it is currently looking for the link to give it to me. Onions is really unusual, but I did not feel unpleasant, although I myself even hate onions and never put it in a salad. Naturally, it may be omitted and not put. Can certainly put and carrots. For celery - I myself have never put but who loves - why not. Sorry again for missed salt. Correct immediately.

So ... I received a link to the recipe.… recipe has 181 comments, all of them positive, although they are German, I think words like super or perfekt understand all languages, so you can review and comments. Evaluation of the recipe is 4.6 of 5 possible, as voted 264 people. In the recipe given half a bottle of vinegar (my girlfriend is the origin of a bottle of 500 ml) and 1 bottle of sparkling mineral water (my girlfriend enjoyed a bottle of 1.5l). Moreover, the recipe says *coleslaw - just like the Greeks*, which my friend had said I did not, and she called the salad just Sprudelkraut ie sparkling cabbage. MIKO Very sorry to miss - I know it will not bring back the cabbage from the bucket, but I must know that I was very uncomfortable! Generally read 10 times before you put the recipe, but .... so it happened.

And I like the idea did yesterday, to day doizyadoh. Prepared according to the directions and tried decided that next time I'll put salt and get :) My not so bad anyway, no strange smell. Onions add good taste, I would not have missed. Me reminds me of pickle / sauerkraut, will soon be prepared again for sure. As do her salt will put and evaluation.

Yes, it is very tasty and carrots. Chestichko do this in such a pickle recipe spicy sauerkraut-there it into the site.