Stuffed bread (Sicilian pizza)

Submitted by enr on 11 Feb 2009
500 g flour
250 ml milk
7 g dry yeast
4 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp dried basil
# For the filling:
1 red onions
1 red and 1 green peppers
100 g pitted black olives
6-7 slices of tomatoes
fresh basil or oregano
100 g mushrooms
Stuffed bread (Sicilian pizza)
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In a large bowl 400 g sifted flour with the salt, the other is left to knead. Milk is warmed slightly and it is added olive oil, yeast and sugar. Leave for 5-6 minutes to warm. Then mixed with the flour and mix a soft dough. If need be inserted from the other flour until smooth. Leave for 10-15 minutes to rest. Roll out on elliptical crust. The sheet is cut from both sides of the equal number of bands as the middle left uncut - there will be filling. Insert the filling in the middle and began to cover with strips. Split end, the bands are transferred over one another and the bread is moved in the pan thoroughly sprinkled with flour. Allow to rise for 45-60 minutes. Bake in preheated oven at 160 ° C and gradually increased by 10 C dokato reach 190 C. Bake 30-40 minutes. Stuffing is cooked in a pan with 2 tbsp olive oil to saute all the chopped vegetables. Sprinkle with plenty of flour to absorb the fat.
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11 Feb 2009


it looks very tasty for this goes straight to the favorites.

Thus did braided bread breakfast :) but I have not. Not so hard :) and stuffing might be any way she wants.

bravo to you, your super :)

He looks great. I'm going to knead the dough :)

Bravo merry queen her today will prepare it, great idea, but a little later I saw her! :))

Very beautiful and appetizing look. Bravo! It is worth the effort to work hard person to do it.

It was great! Children ate it with such appetite ... Thanks for the recipe!

Required'll try it. At home adore pizza. Bravo!

appetizing look, will try it someday and I made this recipe!

Many became successful bread and liked it a lot at home. Thanks for the recipe :)

Very tasty became - thanks for the recipe.

Didi, very tempting photos! :)

di_jar now saw the picture, beautiful execution of the recipe, beautiful image bravo!

Thank you - bread became really quite successful. For myself next time I will divide the dough into 2 - quietly will receive 2, but with a thin bread part, I think it will become more successful. As a whole to me personally remained thick bread stuffing is part and lost some. I'll share it again do what it has become.

BABY, thanks for the recipe! :) It was very tasty! It's great! We considered the comment of Ivan, divided the dough in two. For me stuffing was a little coarse homemade chutney, smoked bacon, cheese, melted cheese. Generally clean out the fridge! Next time I will increase the amount of filling. Will be done frequently! :)

Bobby, the picture is quite tempting, and the middle of the night I feel like eating at your hlebopitsa. I would also increase the filling, but will add something kiselko of pickles.

Kate, thank you! :) For the filling can be used many different products. More filling, more - well! A household and believe will be satisfied. ;)

Eee Lirinka have become great - exactly what I meant by saying that it will divide the dough and rolled into as thin as possible. Well looks :)

Didi, thanks! :)

Bobby, what a nice crust has received ... mmm! There remains a piece? :)

Pepi, thanks! :) The crust was super! Could not resist and greased before baking as dub cakes with egg yolk, milk and oil. Sorry eat everything instantly. In doing next, may think to teleport and to Gabrovo! ;)