Stuffed peppers with beans and bacon

Submitted by enr on 16 Mar 2008
5 large red peppers
300 g beans
300 g smoked bacon
2 cup peeled and chopped canned tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp mint
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
2-3 dried red peppers
1 onion
sprigs of parsley for decoration
Stuffed peppers with beans and bacon
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Boil the beans and drain. Cut the flaps of peppers and are cleared from the seeds and veins using a spoon. Cut onion in small pieces and fry. Bacon and dried peppers cut into small cubes, add to the onion and fry together for a few minutes. When ready mix with beans, salt and mint and left aside for the moment. In separate bowl, prepare the sauce, in a slightly heated sunflower oil put the tomatoes and garlic, chopped not too small. Leave on low heat until some of the water evaporate and not get very thick sauce. 1/3 of it is added to the beans and the other ingredients and mix well. The resulting mixture is stuffed peppers brim, with cloud the lid and arrange in a greased baking pan with about 1 finger of water in it. Bake in moderate oven about 30-40 minutes - until roasted peppers. When serving on the bottom of the dish put a little of the remaining tomato sauce, top with pepper slightly open lid and decorate with a sprig of parsley.
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16 Mar 2008