Stuffed tomatoes with feta cheese and ham

Submitted by enr on 08 Apr 2011
1 kg tomatoes
200-250 g cream cheese (maybe melted, naturally)
200 g ham (maybe less)
100 ml mayonnaise - preferably homemade
basil, dill, pepper, parsley, olive oil
Stuffed tomatoes with feta cheese and ham
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Cut the tips of tomatoes (covers). Cut slightly with a knife round and then dooberete inside of tomatoes. Be careful because they are quite fragile. Leave them aside. During this time, pour into a large bowl mayonnaise, ham, cut into very small cubes (for Russian salad) and the feta cheese. Add a pinch of basil, about 1 tbsp raw olive oil, a pinch of black pepper and a little fresh dill. Mix all this while become mushy. Get the scoop and fill the tomatoes. Topped with cut flaps. Put on them using a toothpick parsley sprigs. Leave flaps slightly inclined on the tomato to be seen filling. * Remove the tomatoes can be made of some kind of salsa sauce - for example with a little onion, pepper, parsley, salt and basil. All fry to thicken. Appropriate to season pasta or salad.
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08 Apr 2011


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