Sugar dough with marshmallow candy

Submitted by enr on 10 Jul 2011
150 g candy marshmallow
330 g of powdered sugar
3-4 tbsp water
Sugar dough with marshmallow candy
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Put the candy in a glass bowl and add water. Put in a microwave defrosting program for about a minute, then stir well and back for a few seconds to melt well into a thick homogeneous mixture. Sift powdered sugar. Remove and let stand for 1 minute to cool and add half the powdered sugar mix with a spoon until it is all take. Then add the remaining powdered sugar and begin to knead until a medium soft dough. You can add coloring if using white candy. I used the pink candy so the dough was already colored I need color. Wrap well in plastic foil and place in a bowl with a lid. Store in a cool, well-ventilated room. The dough may be used immediately. If it is warm it slightly hardened seconds in the microwave or simply knead the warmth of your hands it will soften. If necessary, add more powdered sugar in use so you do not stick. Can melted candy and water bath, stirring constantly until melting candy.
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10 Jul 2011


Incredibly beautiful! Perfect performance! Bravo, Petya! I am delighted!

Thank you very much John, really. This is my first experience of a Barbie doll and really get better, of course there are drawbacks, but I do not claim to be professional and very glad to hear that you like. This gives me an incentive to try more. Thanks again!

Many beautiful cake. Everything I love - drapery, volanchetata, other decorations. CONGRATULATIONS, pepeleon - You have done great! I want to ask you easily work with this dough - of my photos look plastic and Non-adhesive? Is it appropriate for figures?

AAA Thank you Elti (and I'm a fan cook great meals). What can I say with short pastry experience that I think that this dough is most appropriate for the summer because it softens and not really stick in these unbearable temperatures. Unlike Varna marzipan and honey-sugar dough that I've tried. Otherwise prefer to work with copper paste. This is mnoogo suitable for figurines, but also requires several days for drying, but ate the cake is without drying testotot and was like eating candy and not the test depends on the taste of each person, you know different people, different tastes. I also recommend it for the summer, if you try tell. Come again thank you and good luck!

Thank you for answers and direction. I intend to try it and as happened immediately shared. This curiosity is a big deal :)

You're welcome, Elti! You know, and my curiosity was so great that the first time I made dough from 3 candy and a little powdered sugar to see what will happen. I did figure with a pig, bear and Barbapapa and several butterflies. Withered after 3 days but were nice for a first attempt and without proper tools now wait at the end of the month to buy suitcase set for the production of any such things. Many are lit in confectionery, found that only two-month courses confectioner. As you said curiosity is a big deal.