Pork emoticons

Submitted by enr on 23 Jun 2009
450 g puff pastry
sugar for sprinkling
walnuts or raisins for eyes
Pork emoticons
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Puff pastry cut with glass circles for the head of the pig and less - circles for zurlichkata that slightly is wetted to be stuck in the lower part of the large circle. From clippings are made tabs, as mounted by pressing lightly. Put them eyes of raisins or small pieces of walnuts. Zurlichkata to make holes for nostrils (I used the handle of the blade of the mixer). Sprinkle with sugar, arranged on a tray with cooking paper and bake in preheated oven at 180 C until golden. * to me, received 12 and the cooking time is about 30 minutes. * It is important to find the appropriate glasses for cutting. Small cap circles used deodorant.
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23 Jun 2009


Reni very glad that released the recipe them immediately begin!

Maggie will look forward your result and a photo if you can!

I had such a small cup, now put them to bake will see what will look like! :)

They are very sweet ..! I used to head piglets cup brandy (small) but zurlichkata neck of a beer bottle. Became great. Thanks for the recipe!

Reni Bravo! Are super!

Begin a second dose of these emoticons! Very sweet and everyone liked! Reni Bravo!

They are very sweet!

I put pictures are unfortunate, but they are fun! and delicious!

Maggie, what are you doing ... only two doses ... Good for you! Wait for photos! As my twisted Are piglets?

Reni bravo! Little saw them filming much liked them and not leave me alone to do them. On weekends required. Thank you!

Reni Bravo! Are super!

Here are some simple dough :)

In order not to lose their shape, brush them with egg yolk and then bake. Try and thus, I think it will happen.

Reni, all our light with those pigs! Are wonderful!

I will try with yolk! With my children well that I did not have a third dose to make them :) Many liked what they had dinner, another did not want to eat! :)

are great!

Maggie, well look at the pictures! Now I remembered what I like so they are distorted - Alf!

You're right, Reni, akin to Alf :)!

had a lot of fun :) We put chocolate chips for eyes (due to lack of other suitable). Our dough was thinner sheets and guess because it's not too much puffed (retained its shape). Bravo Reni for the great idea!

Nevi, really very well received! Great Male! Bravo! May was right that depends on the puff dough ... I read somewhere Council puff pastry - not to inflate be pricked with a fork.

I think could and slightly Roll out the dough to make it thinner.

Interesting idea, I rather do them, the children are happy, but here (in Israel) piglets cherish them all. hehe, but who cares :) well done, add to favorites

awesome. Quick, easy and delicious. With sweet shapes can be cut different shapes. Tomorrow with my husband, we invite you to visit. Sabir will be several families and I made them.

much their children enjoy and eat them ...