Summer dish for winter

Submitted by enr on 03 Oct 2011
2-3 kg peppers (maybe top hamper)
500 g tomatoes
150-200 ml sunflower oil
Summer dish for winter
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Cut the peppers into pieces straight into the tray Salt the light (be careful not put much salt, because when you make a mash-up with feta cheese, it is savory) Pour the oil and put the fire to poizparzhi. Once softened peppers add grated tomatoes and fry for another 10 minutes. As cool a bulk in appropriate jars, seal and sterilize 10 minutes. In the winter used to mash-up with feta cheese and eggs addition to various dishes, and if you blend in blender can add to soups.
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03 Oct 2011


I've done it very very long time ago, but I remember that I put and onion. Tasty and quite open your appetite. Thanks for reminding me about it.

Do not put onions, because when her ready with eggs and cheese, onion somehow changes the taste of the dish. But who wants can and put. I do the same again, but with more and then put tomatoes and onions.

Pretty blank mishmash. I do jumble with onions, but it can add extra braised. You do not need to fill jars with something it is in winter. While tomato and pepper from the garden - anywhere not in stores. I would put and fresh parsley - if you put this spice jumble.

Thanks for the idea :) will vazpolzvam :)

Hey with these modern dishes pozabravihme old recipes where are they made them our grandmothers, but they are so simple and at the same time quite delicious. And this cooked meal her I always do when I begin to clean the garden and rob last pepper-tops.

Old but delicious :)