Sweet pita Sunflower

Submitted by enr on 27 Sep 2010
500 g puff pastry
2 yolks
250 g sunflower halva or other taste
100 g hazelnuts or walnuts
100 g of dried apricots
thick apricot jam
100 g chocolate
50 g butter
100 g flour
Sweet pita Sunflower
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Prepare the stuffing. Chopped walnuts, halvah and butter mixed and shrink a solid ball. From the rolled out puff pastry cut 2 circles with the required diameter. One circle is placed on the center of the tray and put him stuffing shaped hill (dome). To do so, on a sheet of parchment paper or cooking, entourage tight ball stuffing, forming dome required size. Then, moving paper with stuffing in the end (edge) of the table, picks up the palm-shaped hill of stuffing and carefully transferred to the bottom of dough, placing in the middle. Top with a second round of dough and joins first. IMPORTANT: Before you have the upper circle should be slightly wet with water places will unite two rounds to stick nice. gently pressed the dough around the perimeter. It is important not under pressure (moistened dough will stick) and there are no folds and holes through which the stuffing may leak during baking. From the dough cut the petals of the sunflower and slightly wet with water contact surfaces are attached to the radial shaped environment. Middle of sunflower and leaves are coated with beaten egg yolks. The pita is baked at a temperature of 200 C, approximately 20-25 minutes. After baking, allow to cool, covered with double folded cloth. The finished cold pita Apply a thick layer of apricot jam (the layer thickness is optional). In the middle of the pita (where stuffing) on ​​jam put chopped dried apricots. If the jam is too thick (it is desirable), heat gently in a water bath until enough rarefaction and applied to the pita slightly warm. After rapid cooling it will harden on the pita in a beautiful, glossy coat. Melt the chocolate in a water bath, put it in a syringe on parchment paper or cooking oil fsunflower squeeze droplets in the form of soft seeds of different sizes. Cool in refrigerator. Chocolate * * seeds rank in the center of the sunflower and the pita is ready for serving.
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27 Sep 2010


It is a pity that no assessment or SUPER EXCELLENT. Ina, very beautiful and impressive cake, and apparently very tasty :)

Just no words! Ins for the hundredth time I am convinced that you have golden hands :)

Girls, thanks for the feedback, but merit is not mine, except that I found these recipes, translated, scaled and pictures uploaded. I wrote another recipe - will be able to use a computer and decided to share with you recipes without having first opportunity to do them myself, as I wanted. I think these beauties are worth sharing. Moreover, they can give new ideas and options. This particular cake thought to try a smaller size not with puff pastry and dough for bread with yeast. But I could not. I hope that I helped to take advantage of the proposed recipes to surprise their dear ones and relatives. Good luck!

A beautiful cake I never imagined! Incredible!

This is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen.

It is really very impressive. And do not think it would be so difficult to implement. A little more game will be about shaping the leaves, but I think with a template and it will be decided. Good luck and good fortune to those who will make it!

Once again Bravo!

Big is guess and very tasty.

Iiiiiiihaaa bravo very original.

Wow, very beautiful cake, and will surely be delicious! Ina Bravo!

Whatever you say will be kind enough Ina worship culinary skills. I'm just delighted for this kulinalno temptation. Kiss your golden hands. Taste no doubt I'm trying bread with halva and raisins, very tasty. Thank you for the great recipe

Applause. Great recipes and beautiful photos.

I am fascinated by the work and will certainly try to do it.