Tri-color jelly layered cake

Submitted by enr on 25 Nov 2011
1 liter of fresh milk
6 eggs
200 g sugar
70 g flour
2 vanilla
50 g butter
2 packets of gelatin - '20
100 ml water
1 cup ground walnuts
5 tbsp cocoa
Milk is put to boil, is broken yolks with sugar and pour 50 ml pre-paid cold milk and add the sifted flour. The mixture is added to boiled milk and stir in one direction until the mixture thickens and Clock. If you have formed balls strain cream. Whip with a pinch of salt and snow added to the cream. Season with vanilla and add the butter. This cream to add two sachets gelatin dissolved in a water bath and separate the cream into three equal parts. In one part cream, add 1 cup ground walnuts, the other part is put cocoa or chocolate. In the form of a cake or in individual bowls and pour the first walnut cream, then white (vanilla) cream and ending with chocolate cream. Three layers of cream do not mix and the colors are very visible. When the cream seeded tightening is served like a cake.
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25 Nov 2011