Universal dough for bread, pizza

Submitted by enr on 17 Apr 2013
about 1 kg of flour (type 405)
equal to 1 tbsp salt and sugar
2 tbsp vinegar
70 ml olive oil
520 ml warm water (38C)
16 g of dry yeast
2-3 tbsp Coke
Universal dough for bread, pizza
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This is one bread, which prepare the country and its history comes from many years. For me, this dough is universal, because I use it for pizza, and the addition of various fillings, two words easy and practical, given that the difficulty is minimized. Here's why: Knead the products of medium soft dough is not sticky. Attach as we wish with oily hands. Do not wait to swell and in unheated oven bake at 200C - upper and lower wire. Time varies, depending on the oven. During Lent add different fillings: olives (Pitted), oregano, rosemary, etc. I also tried with raisins and delight. Excellent dough and pizza for me very easy execution. Then wrap fuses with sunflower oil, bread was a thread and with a soft crust top and bottom. From what I prepared the dough and peynirli (stuffed ham and cheese). After removing from the oven sprinkle with water or lightly grease with butter and wrap a towel to rest (or to leave the field as saying my grandmother). The dose is greater if you think and you involved with half the products.
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17 Apr 2013


There is always something exclusive recipes that let and share with us, the vinegar is as a dough improver Coke first hear and try on your recipe, as they say a lifetime learning.

Knead dough with dry yeast, bread tangled not let it rest and put in the oven and then switch to 200 grams. so is it extremely easy way.

interesting offer! Moreover, do not wait to rise. '38 What? Coca-Cola for what would help?

The water is 38 degrees.

38 town. I mean little more than body, cola is more elastic dough.

drew my attention this dough Diana much you please tell what *wrap wicks*?

In fact, putting in a cold oven chat warming oven and started rising ... with one stone two birds

I knit when one tipped with greased hands it zazavartam left and then right how when martenitsi knit thread and attach the form they wish. I hope you understand me ?!

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