Vanilla milk pudding Jamie Oliver

Submitted by enr on 05 Oct 2014
110 g butter
220 g of powdered sugar
2 lemons
2 sticks vanilla
4 eggs
270 ml milk
110 g flour
Vanilla sticks are cut, cleaned and put in a bowl. Grate the rind of two lemons, add it to macerate butter and powdered sugar and beat. Then add four egg yolks and mix again. Add to milk mixture (be at room temperature), squeeze in the juice of two lemons and pour the flour. Stir. Pour the dough in a greased baking tin and bake in a water bath 45 minutes at a temperature of 280C degrees. Serve with strawberries and cream.
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05 Oct 2014


with added lemon juice, milk Does not cross?

I have no idea, I will surely miss the lemon juice.

original name of the pudding is Lemon Curd Pudding Lemon Pudding truncated (fail to translate more accurately literally) - part of the recipe is to sour milk, which in turn gives a distinctive texture of baked pudding. The original recipe for these quantities lemon juice is about 6 s. L. And also the name is not James Oliver and Jamie Oliver :)

Thank Nevi :)
So you know if you do not cross, it will not be tasty? I was looking for a basic recipe for pudding (and generally just pudding), and this sounded quite tasty, with the possibility of variations ...

I suspect that if you cross may not bake as cream at all, the best one is to follow the recipe. The word *pudding* in English can be used as a *dessert* when it is not specified what kind of pudding exactly, so if you are looking pudding question is what? Pudding may be milk or custard, instant cream powder, jelly cream, baked cream can be sweet or something in between, can be baked, boiled in a water bath or steam. And yes, and there are savory puddings. The term *pudding* is too general and basic recipe will find depends on what you want to prepare pudding :)

For main I had the rather method of preparation and essential ingredients to said pudding, but I understand now that I do not understand at all :)

Thank you, xevi, for clarification. Thought Doroteya before *iTunes* recipe made pudding.