Veal with okra

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
750 g veal
1/2 cup (100 ml) vegetable oil
Chapter 1 (50 g) onion
1 tbsp (10 g) flour
500 g okra
3-4 tbsp (60 ml) vinegar
3-4 (250 g) red tomatoes
1 lemon
1 tsp (5 g) red pepper
Veal with okra
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The meat is cut into portions and fry in fat. Add chopped onion and stew until soft, mixed with red pepper and pour hot water. The sauce and add salt meat is left to simmer. Okra is cleared from the stems and soak for about 30 minutes in salted water and acidified, and then was drained and added to the meat. After 20 minutes, add the tomatoes, chopped, and flour mixed into a little cold water. Dish tries salt and leave to simmer for 20 minutes. Serve with slices of lemon.
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01 Dec 2002


I love okra! Very tasty!

It was delicious. Since I did not have tomatoes, put 1/2 cup tomato juice and that was nice. I put 2-3 mushroom aroma. You can add other vegetables according to your taste if you want variations of the dish. Bon apetit!

Certainly, my recipe seemed strange. Bearing in mind the taste of okra, I had not imagined in another dish, except as a supplement to casseroles. It was a delicious cooked meal, slightly astringent taste, but with a few spoonfuls of yogurt was delicious.

The meal went well, but the meat was a little tough. The next time it will brew more. I think there is no need for lemon garnish as tomatoes and vinegar are acidic enough.