Breaded cheese Guest

Submitted by enr on 19 Mar 2008
400 g cheese
2 eggs
sunflower oil
Breaded cheese Guest
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The cheese is cut into four triangular pieces 1 cm thick. Eggs beat with 1 tbsp water. Each piece of cheese is immersed in water first, then add some nice in flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Thus prepared pieces are placed in the chamber of the refrigerator for 1-2 hours to be tight. In a deep skillet or deep fryer is heated sunflower oil well and before you fry the pieces of cheese were dipped in egg again. When you acquire a golden color, turn the other side. Remove them on a napkin to absorb fat and served. The recipe is tested and very successful. It does not matter whether the cheese is soft or hard, because when tightening in the chamber of the refrigerator, when frying do not drip. Serve with a fresh salad or bean salad with chutney.
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19 Mar 2008


Bravo! Very original arrangement!

But I put cheese in cold water for 30 min. In the refrigerator did not know that you can put the whole batter and then into the chamber. Will try and so ..

When breaded cheese and I put it in the camera, but for about 40 minutes and without breading. Will try and so.

Merry became so great and do not drip. I've have forgotten so stand three hours but became super

Blyagodarya squared for this recipe! Years wrong breaded cheese for fear of not leak! This time uspyayayayayayayayayayayayayayayah!

Perfect is obtained!

You're right, mila- and I put cheese prepared in the chamber for 2-3 min and then not snag.

really worth although many beer go.

I like the kids loved it, will add to favorites.

It was super thanks for the recipe!

After years of failed, thanks to tricks and recipes.

My first attempt to make breaded cheese is successful thanks to the great recipe :)

is prepared super

breaded my great sorrow. I have several unsuccessful attempts with cauliflower and cheese are not

... I did not dare try to prepare. But I think it will soon be nakanya me to do with its construction. Thanks for the recipe :)

Thanks for the recipe! Become super!

Thanks for the recipe. Like all others have noted - it really perfect. Very tasty and not drip.

Korneliq, did your recipe just for guests. Whether they were hungry or behaved :) but very well quoted soup. Thank you, save me in difficult times. Personally, I was very tasty. :)

Really unique tasty, does not drip and is easy but ends imperceptibly! :) Thanks for the wonderful recipe! :)

Very well get - quick and easy dinner!