Baklava with delight

Submitted by enr on 30 Aug 2007
500 g filo pastry sheets
300 g pink Turkish delight (2 boxes)
4 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
6-7 tbsp flour
baking powder 1
1 cup chopped walnuts
# For the syrup:
3 cups water
3 cups sugar
4 vanilla
Baklava with delight
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Eggs, sugar, the oil and the flour with the baking powder is broken down into a thick porridge. Turkish delight was cut into pieces - each lokumche 4 parts. Take 2 sheets of pastry and each is smeared with butter. At first rank lokumchetata then the walnuts to them and the rest of the crust is coated with 2 tbsp of sponge mixture. Wound on a roll. This is all sheet. Arrange in a rectangular pan and baked. Once cool Baklava is cut into pieces and pour the syrup. Must stand 10-12 hours before serving. To the walnuts can add 1 tsp cinnamon.
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30 Aug 2007


It is easy and very tasty. I put Turkish delight and walnuts in the stuffing.

A great recipe!

If you love a syrupy sweets put 4 pm. H water. To acquire baklava syrup add luster to 1/2 packet butter.

It was superb. Thanks for the recipe

great recipe

Great work! Syrup made with 4cup water. Splendor!

became amazing baklava ... to lick your fingers :)

Much yummy ...

It was a great baklava, all were pleasantly surprised!

made her even with large deviations. But not my fault. When I opened the package with baking pans of baklava, it turned out that they were blind and have become a big thick dough board! I had to use pastry that I had, and they are 3 pieces thick hand-rolled that round. I, however, to spend 4 double layers in between the sheets basement with melted margarine, and I put on top of cake mixes and sprinkle with Turkish delight and walnuts. The lists of the top I put only margarine and cake batter and top left him dry. Became pie. Because I have thicker sheet, and made more syrup 6 cups water and 3 cups sugar, lemon, cardamom and cloves. The taste will report tomorrow, but smells deliciously!

I made baklava several times and became great and the look and taste. Thanks for the recipe!

When serving and putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the plate :)

one day I made two izyadohaha is no time. Became my favorite. It tastes great!

It was great! Congratulations! There are so many types of baklava, this is amazing!

It was very good, not put in the syrup and vanilla shredded orange and 1 lemon and let it cook for 5 minutes.

Great baklava! I did it a few times without changing anything. Congratulations for the recipe!

degrees and how much time is pe4e baklava? it is still important!

I bake all the cakes of 180C and baking time depends on the oven (about 40 minutes), but watched her until browned on top and bottom. Good luck!