Vita layered cake with cottage cheese and fruit

Submitted by enr on 25 Jul 2010
# For the base:
4 eggs
1 pinch salt
100 g sugar
100 g flour
75 g starch
2 tsp baking powder equal
1 vanilla
# For the filling :
300 g jam (corresponding with fruit for decoration)
600 g cottage cheese (20% fat)
200 ml cream
6 sheets of gelatin
75 g sugar
1 lemon, rind and juice
# spreads and decoration:
200 g cottage cheese, nonfat
100 ml cream
1 tbsp sugar
300 g strawberries or other fruit
Vita layered cake with cottage cheese and fruit
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Base: The oven is preheated to 200 C. pass a jam. Rectangular (35h40 cm) is stood with baking paper. Eggs were separated. Mix the flour, starch and baking powder. Egg whites are broken down into snow with 4 tbsp cold water and a pinch of salt. Slowly scatter 100 g sugar and vanilla, beating continued as. Then add the egg yolks, one at a time. Sift the flour mixture over the snow and mix carefully. Spread the dough in the shape and bake 10 minutes. Still hot, the base turns on wet cloth is removed immediately and the paper is smeared with jam blending. Allow to cool. Cream filling: Mix the cottage cheese, sugar, juice and grated rind of lemon. Stir until melted sugar. Soak gelatine, squeeze and melt in a water bath or in microwave. To the molten gelatin add 3 tbsp of cottage cheese mixture, stir, then everything returns to the cottage cheese and stir vigorously. Cream is killed snow and added to the cottage cheese, with stirring only slightly. With a cream smeared cold base. Allow a little tense. Cream spreads: The cottage cheese mix well with the sugar. Cream is killing snow and mixed with the cottage cheese. Assembling: The base is cut into strips. The width of the strips will be the height of the cake. The first tape is wound spiral, taking care not to squeeze the cream should not be neither tight nor loose. It is wound around the other bands. Clamp with hoop and allowed to take shape about an hour. Spread the cake and decorate with fruit. Allow to stand for 4-5 hours in the refrigerator. To obtain a flat cake calculate the width of the strips so that they are all identical. Used rail for equal cutting. To all the bases are often thinner. Take care thinnest part is down. The cake can be adorned in every way, as desired. If you will use fondant, cake must be completely tight and bake with cream that is dense enough to carry Fund. Then the fruit is placed in the filling and cream spreads naturally fell. For larger cakes or cakes several floors just fired more doses.
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25 Jul 2010


There they awhile, Raleigh, and appear with a bang! Incredible cake, which I can only envy! A decorated with fondant is so exquisite and impressive!

Thank you for the nice words, Mim! Making not complicated, just more trudomko all baking and winding. I had assistants, children they did the beads for decoration:-) Give it a try and you!

The cake is very beautiful and certainly very tasty. I feel that I will soon make her (without reason). Thanks, Aliana, for the recipe. And what is the secret to making the Fund (I'll be grateful if you share)?

What beauty and finesse. Aliana, obviously artist in confectionery art. For that want great skill, patience, and you come from within. My congratulations!

It always makes cool delicious cuisine. Bravo for this. :-)

Again beautiful and also interesting recipe. Very cheerful cake.

Rally, great cake, congratulations for your effort!

Rally, congratulations, my dear! Amazing creation!

Thank you for the compliments, the goal was something fun and unusual, and I think it worked. Taste - very fresh and light. Note the amount of sugar in creams - if you slightly, increasing taste. In swamps better not to increase, I do not know if I will not become brittle.

Rally, the cake is amazing, good for you! With these beautiful things and you can shop open! Go next beauty :) and yummy!

The cake is very beautiful. Congratulations! I never enjoyed cheese in pastry. I would be grateful if you advise me what to use (certain matters). That is sold on the windows to the cheese or the other?

Tanya, unfortunately I have no idea what the market offers in Bulgaria. In any case should not be salted. If you find only fat, add to that which is for the filling, a little cream and stir until a creamy mass. Spreads used desalinated. I hope others who know the market better than me to give you a full explanation.

Rally, because who suffered already with gelatin - the recipe says *6 sheets of gelatin.* It is sold in packets of 10 g, of the particles. respectively 500 ml of fluid. In that case, how gelatin should use?

1 packet, Inka. Here milled is 9 d and is equal to 6 leaves. Good luck:-)

rally I want to ask you what you used for decoration? It can be seen that it is very tight.