Submitted by enr on 25 May 2009
150 g of margarine or butter
1 egg
1 and 1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
# For salt stuffing:
milk, or Russian salad of your choice
olives and boiled eggs, according to numbers Tartalettes decoration
# For sweet stuffing:
cream or butter cream
fruit and chocolate for decoration
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Make a paste of the butter, flour, egg and salt. Roll out and forms Tartalettes cut circles. Cut circles cling to shape and baked until pink. It can be filled with salt stuffed with salad and decorate with olives, boiled eggs and green. You and make sweet, instead of salt in the dough smse put 1/2 cup sugar and the filling is cream or buttercream decorated with kiwi and chocolate.
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25 May 2009


Many are beautiful!

I understood what Tartalettes:-) Very beautiful!

when I buy shapes will make them

Cutters for Tartalettes there in Kaufland around 4lv for 6 pcs.

Vmvsto to play to make, sell and ready. In the baking pans 24 pc. - Search Piccadilly and fiction.

Super recipe. Bravo!

Today I did Tartalettes, but came only to make dough. It was soft and sticky dough which can not be handled. I put it in the refrigerator for about 30 min., But still the result was the same sticky. I'll wait until noon to see what happens.

i4eto3421, many standard shortbread seems to me that, I wonder why you do not received - maybe needs a little more flour? What fat used?

good used oil. Sharpening is not. And give him a meal and sit in the refrigerator. Short balls and paste baking pans, filled them with salty stuffing / egg, cheese / and baked them at 160 * fan. Eventually they received baskets.

Move him. Activated very gluten in the dough. And besides, the ideal combination is 100 g oil to 200 g flour and 1 egg. If the oil is soft, even good becomes. Only, these shortbread should be made in harvester or plugins dough mixer, but this option initially many flies flour and crumbs. Messi on high speed for very short - no more than 1-2 minutes. Doing the ball, put in a bag in the refrigerator. After 15 minutes Wadi if many divide in half and back again rest in the refrigerator. Sprinkles with 1-2. L. Flour and Roll. To me so I'm became timeslots dough when to use them mixed up again - and even with the flour begins to stick. When doing Sticks - kashkavalki, although there raising agent acting absolutely analogous, because begins to stick.

On this occasion I thought about something else. In some recipes wrote: kneading wheat flour with your fingertips. Which to me, this technique is not very clear to me. :) Sorry, this comment may be deleted. It is among others.

ma_rri_na, I agree with you that can is mixed, but I do not agree that oil test must mixer - always hand them wrong and is not a problem (you can not say that I suck much;)).

Well, I do not think it premesih. Once I saw that something was wrong kneaded another without egg with a little milk and was great. The only difference in the involvement of the two tests is that the oil for this recipe was very soft, began to melt. This may be my mistake. Will try this recipe again soon and will write. Thanks for the advice

As a first experience quite easily received, I am happy :)

spectacular and delicious.

Definitely not my mistake, because the oil I was too soft. A successful recipe.

recipe is successful, the dough get better! Very easy to prepare if not sticky, but baking leaped into the middle and almost no place for stuffing! Pressed it tightly on the walls and bottom of the baking pans and tried possible natanko to Roll! First prepare Tartalettes and I do not know where wrong ?!I made an exact recipe !! :)

flour may have been a raising agent?

Villas, I used Sofia flour / usually / -bicyclo it should be no raising agent! :) Thank you anyway for your comment! :)

xevi, thank you for the advice! Will surely do it again !! :)

I hope I help, success! :)

Surely :)! From the article that I propose learned useful things that I did not know! :)

Villas, look gorgeous! They are so delicious :)

kneaded the dough by hand as quickly as possible, I put it in the refrigerator for about 30 min. And Peko in heated oven at 180C - 15 min., But to me quite fluffy cupcakes inside and I think it might be of the oil (which does not tighten enough), BG're all fake, and the benefits supposedly good oil. Do not Roll the dough and made 8 balls and so I shaped them. However, the cream is camouflaged things and taste is great, so I will make :)

Thank Rennie quite fiddled, but the result is great, so I will make :)

Villas, great look great! Well there is no way you will come to visit :) :) :)

Thank Pepi will be very happy :)

Villas, congratulations! :) What beauty you create, stomachic !? :);)

Thanks Bobby! :)

Villas, great sorcerers! Creation only beauties! Bravo!

Reni, Thank you very much!