Warm appetizer with sausage

Submitted by enr on 28 Feb 2010
400 g of dry bread
100 g sausage
100 g cheese
sunflower oil for frying
# breading:
2 tbsp flour
50 g cheese
3 eggs
300 ml milk
Warm appetizer with sausage
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Bread cut into thin slices. Each was cut into two, almost to the base (pocket). Sausage and cheese are cut into thin slices and put together the two parts of each slice (in the pocket). Breading is made as to the well beaten eggs add 150 ml milk and roll in flour grated cheese. Each slice is dipped first in the remaining 150 ml milk, then in egg-milk mixture. Thus prepared slices are fried to a light brown color in a deep pot with more well heated sunflower oil. It can only be made with sausage or just cheese.
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28 Feb 2010


interesting! Will give them a try.

Very tasty seems. Will try this. Goes to favorites.

I've thus slices stuck with pate, fried in yaitsa. I guess with this rich breading will be more tasty and today will try, thanks for the idea. And in our country remains bread, and this is a great way to use.

looks very tasty, I'll try.

It looks very tasty and it is not difficult to prepare, breading am not very clear ... what happens to roll in flour cheese ...

I do not know why I was a little vague explanation. First soaked in milk and then in potyapyat shattered panirovachna mixture of (grinded cheese + eggs + flour) will ask how to Correct. I had a problem at one time with the keyboard and then apparently received.

*egg-milk mixture* ... it mislead me ... just did not understand that cheese is inside, otherwise your explanation is very good, even excellent ... I'm just a cook characterized ... ha ha, thank you very much for the clarification,

15 years doing this breakfast with a variety of sausages, with the difference that it does not put any cheese in slices or in paniravkata just do not love him, even last night they prepared sausage Kamchia and photographed, I can get the recipe but as an example of reader I decided to first check lest was published and to my joy I saw your recipe Nelly, a big well done by me, but the recipe is great with cheese and no.

Yes, sometimes I do not put cheese, but you are going good.