Weekly dough

Submitted by enr on 10 May 2009
1 cup milk
1 cup yogurt
1 cup water
1 cube of yeast
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
flour as necessary
Weekly dough
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Yeast placed in slightly warmed milk and soda in yoghurt. Other products are placed in a large pot and with milk and yogurt knead dough. The dough will keep for about one week, can be used for buns, breads, pizzas, etc.
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10 May 2009


I guess refrigerate and made cakes of it or used for other tests?

Yes, can be used for pizzas, cakes, buns with or without filling. The dough is put in the refrigerator in an oiled envelope.

Just this week dough recipe for looking, but ... I have a question. Flour as necessary, how to understand it? Sorry, I'm not very up to date with kneading. How to recognize soft, medium soft and hard dough? What should it be?

It should not be hard dough is soft medium and flour is 1 to 5 above bellow.

Thank you very much! Without I'm guessing the quantity of flour. If I manage to craft something ... what happens in front of people, I will let the pictures.

Good luck! Will wait pictures.

I made them with cottage cheese and egg, were delicious, but I think 15 minutes. They were rising slightly. Dough removed from the refrigerator is too cold and I did not conformed this. Well, for the first time ... I'm satisfied with the result. Tomorrow I will leave it to rest for 30 min. We'll see what happens.

Bravo, are wonderful! Congratulations!

Today I made cakes, given 30 min. And am pleasantly surprised that he had not been made fat. A dough in the refrigerator rises constantly and having to mix it. :)

dough is very successful, I regularly do.

A great recipe

I do regularly such dough is very successful. I put than those listed in the recipe products 1 pm. L sugar and two eggs. I use it for cakes and pizzas. Ideal.

Today I did this wonderful dough and I added a spoonful of sugar. Superb cakes were received and took very little fat.

this dough becomes everything is great :)

Some comments it made me a little confused. By using dough, which has previously been implicated and stayed in the fridge then do not wait to rise. Should I leave it at room temperature or can be prepared as soon as removed from the refrigerator?

I have ostayavam to stand 5 minutes out of the refrigerator and ready to use

This dough is unique. It all becomes super

I am very pleased with the recipe. I was booked, but the dough became very delicious muffins. I added a tablespoon of sugar and 4 tablespoons of oil. I shaped snacks with oiled hands and left to rise.

dough is universal, going for frying and baking. It did banitsa.