White cake

Submitted by enr on 01 Jun 2012
300 g biscuits * * Homeland milk or butter
150 g butter
200 g white chocolate
400 g sour cream
10 g gelatin
100 ml water
White cake
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Preparation of the base: Biscuits were ground in a blender, and thereto was added the butter (at room temperature). It is well kneaded. Spread the mixture on the bottom of a baking dish with a diameter of 24 cm. Preparation of the cream: chocolate is melted in a water bath. Was added to the sour cream and mixed to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The gelatin is soaked in 100 ml cold water and after swelling is dissolved in a water bath (the gelatin should not boil). Was added to the cream. cake cool until firm cream. Decorate optional. I decked with grated white chocolate and sweet Armenian.
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01 Jun 2012
the idea of ​​Alexander Sano - icing on the cake * *


Put to favorites !!! Certain combinations of products I liked. Incidentally, I watched Alexander in *The icing on the cake*, but making desserts have dropped something, and I found quite interesting! Reni, thank you for sharing the recipe site !!! Will prepare obligatory!

I think you'll like it :) Alexander adorn the cake with pears (it will become even more delicious).

Reni, and I put it to favorites! Like biscuits and cakes! :) And the pudding not be bad!

Cream became great! The cake is cooked very quickly, is delicious, and ate very quickly :)

This time I did crust biscuit and shattered them and added to the cream (only half without oil).

MMM, Rennie, great looks, a bit I need you come to visit! :)

Pepi, sorry later :) I barely managed to photograph him and do ... :)

VERY KRASIIIIV! Was recorded waiting line!

goes to Favorites will try

Snejina, Petya, try it, you will not regret! Home favorite :) I advise you to do it in a smaller form (such amount is not much).

RENI, explain what is especially in biscuits *Homeland* to seek similar here.As *Breakfast* you are, in oil-off or toasted ....?

Very nice pictures :) As far as I can see in the last photo cookies are confused with krema- right? And I can not think of what these biskviti- maybe soft tea? Please tell size pan or form, because mine is bigger (more sheet). Surely try :)

biscuits are very fragile and bulk. Go for tea. Breakfast are solid and are close to normal.

Snejina crackers *Homeland* have tea.

akva7, while I wrote I saw your reply :) Annie, the first time I made the cake in a baking dish with a diameter of 24 cm. Became thinner (about 3, 5 cm.) And now it did in silicone cake mold (diameter 20 cm. ) I put, however, only half biscuits (without oil).

Thank you, girls :)

did it get easily, but not this brilliant form as of a photograph of renito. I so small silicon mold and poured it into taper circular, but hid transparent kuhnehska paper and when I turned and waved the paper face of the cake was to wrinkle brachka- so to sledvashtiya a good experience ...

Anapeeva would like to give you advice (I hope not to offend) - instead of paper towels put in your chosen form - fresh foil for storage. It can not cake you can not become smooth!

Thank you, and do not even think that I could offend th nothing. *Problem* in this case is that I wrote quickly and translated verbatim Papel transparente of Bulgarian instead to consult with the translator from Google. This to me is a lesson slowly and carefully; as we invited administrators!

Snejina, I'm sorry that happened to be! Do not be angry, These things happen :). And I think that a film for fresh storage can not help but become :)

First you answered and only then saw your picture (and I still rushing) :) By the way, these *lines* appear as an effect and not a defect :)

The recipe is easy and successful. I experimented in various forms since tightened ate everything immediately all alone :)

Nellie, took my breath away when I saw your photos :) are wonderful! I am very glad that you liked the cake :)

Yes, Reni, I loved it, thank you for the recipe by heart and also for the nice words. :) Next time I think I can try cakes in shape because I like how it looks :)

Very tasty and light cake, and quickly prepared !! :)

Nelly, very nice picture! Home cake has long been one of the most favorite :) I see him served with wild blackberries - many beautifully received :)

This time I did it in mono muffins (only the cream). Once tightened it turned on cookies (dipped in warm milk).

Reni, very beautiful!

Thanks, Willie :)

This time is not white (at the insistence of my son) :) I used 400 g chocolate (instead of 200 grams white) and added another gelatin. Sprinkled with cocoa and decked with grated white chocolate.

renito amazing pictures do admire you

Thank you, Petya!

Rennie, great pictures! Bravo! Sorry, but I question mark. Marshes should be applied only to a baking dish you? And when in cake form - no crust? Do I understand correctly. Cause there is no way this type of cake to remain below. Hello!

Thank you, CVETETO3101 :) When I make the cake in cake form splinter biscuits (half amount) directly into the cream.

I've gelatin *cake* - (it is bavaryoza) like you in cake form, but the smaller size. So to have a base, then I've done below form of ready-crust - cut in the shape of the opening of the form (whether it explained understandable? ). Another option that I've done on the surface of almost jelly mixture to *bloom* of cookies cat tongue. Many options! But your work look great! Hello!

Reni and photos while the red layer of what?

Elena, the red layer of raspberry jam (gelled with gelatin). Much fits the taste of white chocolate :)

Rennie, great dessert get! As I said, biscuits swapped with broken chunks biscotti I filled with wild strawberries: tasty food! :) And one more thing - it was not happened to me as I wake up in the morning to open the fridge this morning happened: neustoyah of cake and ate a piece :) :) :)

Pepi, very glad that you liked it! Of this cake and we can not resist (until you eat it, no peace) :) And where are the pictures?

photos tonight, Reni, last night I did not have time! :)

Pepi, bravo! Cake become your gorgeous!

Thank you, Reni! I do not have to decorate your patience and someday if we start own culinary business will have a very good team with you! :) :) :)

made cakes and many I am very pleased. I substituted with biscotti biscuits and put strawberries first time, second bananas. Filled with the mixture 6 silicon molds for muffins. Very tasty obtained. Bravo for the recipe. I do not have photos, understand why :)

reniE, I'm glad you liked the cake :) I like the idea to put fruits, and next time I will do it :)

I made this cake, however gelatin something swelled properly. I waited for 30 minutes but it sat lightly redichak. Melted it, I added it to the cream and it was very rare. I do not know where I am wrong. Now put it in the fridge and I hope to set.

StEfitOo, hope you tighten the cake, however, as so happened to you with gelatin ... hardly :( If it all wrong when it added to the cream begins almost immediately to thicken.

And what may be due to this you know? I opened it as you read the package in 100ml water. And do not tighten again will be eaten, and next time I'll be careful with gelatin :)

I do not think its wrong anywhere :) The problem is gelatin, and I happened. I recently use only Dr. Oetker and have no complaints :)

And to me has happened, I bought gelatin pastry shop and ... complete fake! But I think the error is correctable Preheat cake briefly in the microwave add another gelatin (Dr. Oetker, as the Board of Reni) Stir gently and cool again! Good luck from me! :)

cake is great! This morning I was stiff :) For me at least get the height because it is more my form. I did it with biscuits Everest (cocoa) and put a banana. And to say how removing the cake from the form without breaks down, you boil it gently or something :)