Breaded pork schnitzel

Submitted by enr on 21 Oct 2008
800 g pork chop
100 ml sunflower oil
40 g flour
40 g breadcrumbs
4 eggs
Breaded pork schnitzel
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Meat shaped cutlets, which are crushed very thinly with moistened wooden mallet or chopper. To not shrink when frying, each chop is cut with a sharp knife around the edges and in the middle. Shaped and thinned slices sprinkled with salt and ground black pepper, rolled in flour, in a well-beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Press is good with his hands, to be able to take breadcrumbs eggs. Stay 15-20 minutes and then fry in a hot sunflower oil. Prepare immediately before the presentation. Serve with Картофената salad my mother .
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21 Oct 2008


Many delicious schnitzel! Bravo!

Well done, very easy, tasty and beautifully arranged!

Very easy and nice recipe!

Eli, I'm glad that you liked the recipe. Your pictures are very nice! In our family, these steaks are a tradition for the New Year.

Often they do, but today little changed recipe - fucked meat very thin knuckle (this is important, because otherwise the meat will remain raw) marinated them for about two hours in pepper, soy sauce, mustard and wine slepih them two by two, between them put a piece of cheese. Then they panicked as shown. Were very tasty!

I can guess what is received yummy! Bravo for the idea!

Nevertheless the idea of ​​Milena, a brand counter fillet stuffed with cheese is my favorite. The counter mutton scoot skin. Slice steaks with a thickness of 3 cm., Then slit the underside of the middle, but not to the bottom steaks. Ram lightly, because I have a lemon marinade.Make a marinade for 1 kg. KONRAT fillets 2 lemons, 3 tablespoons mustard, 1ch.l dry garlic seasoning for meat. Leave to marinate for 2-3 hours. put a piece of cheese and blue cheese for a *hard* taste.Clip pokraya with toothpicks. Breaded in a mixture of corn flour and breadcrumbs. Really becomes very tasty.

idea lemon I liked

Really LIMONCHETO very original!

In the last 2 - 3 years avoid frying these cutlets and roast them. Baked very quickly and are still delicious :)

I used lean pork Chines and became incredibly tasty. Ina, thank you for the nice recipe!

Villas, very appetizing given it their schnitzel! Pleased that you enjoyed! :)

my steaks were a little thick, but very tasty. These cutlets I've heard them called *Montenegrin slice*. Surprisingly delicious!

Snow, thicker or thinner, as are baked or fried well, really delicious. I am glad that you upload a photo, and potato salad. A *Montenegrin slice* for the first time hear. We call them home *Wiener schnitzel* because my mother is from Vienna, but the real Wiener schnitzel is another. :)

Delicious ktletcheta, bravo Inche! Most often advance souse finished with dry marinade elevation and become very brittle. Great explain for cutting round - not exactly shrink. I would add only beginner chefs (the others know him! :) - Crushed and thinning it from the center to the edges. And another trick - to adhere better beaten eggs in breading - they Drops 2-3 drops of oil (mix well). Hello! :)

Flower, thanks for the additions! This drops of oil in the eggs did not know. See how two innovations learned from you just one day! :)