Strawberry layered cake with vanilla cream cream

Submitted by enr on 22 Apr 2010
1 sheet of puff pastry (400 g)
2 packages pudding with vanilla flavor (for a total of 1 liter of milk)
600 ml milk
180 g butter
200 g of sour cream, thick
500 g strawberries
200 ml raspberry juice can and compote
4 tbsp caster sugar
a few drops of lemon juice
grated chocolate for decoration
Strawberry layered cake with vanilla cream cream
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Pudding stir in 100 ml milk, put it sugar as directed Packaging. 500 ml milk and boil them stirring continuously pour fuzzy pudding. Boil for at least 1 minute. More hot pudding covered with a tightly adherent foil, so as not to form a crust and allow to cool to room temperature. Quickly becomes if fill the sink with cold water and immerse the pot in it. sheet butertesto is bisects and is pricked, bake for 15 minutes in a preheated 200 ° C oven. Allow to cool. While cooling the bases and pudding, strawberries cut into pieces and marinated with raspberry juice and a few drops of lemon juice. Several strawberries left optional for decoration. The butter mix with powdered sugar fluffy cream. Add cream spoon by spoon, as the beating is not interrupted. Add the cooled down pudding, also little by little. Cream fight until uniform and doubled in volume. The procedure lasts about 10-12 minutes. It is important that the butter, cream and pudding have the same ambient temperature. If one of the ingredients is colder than the others, the butter becomes lumpy. In the plateau, which will be, served cake, put one base, moistened with about half of the raspberry juice, put half of the strawberry pieces and cover with a little less than half cream. Place a second base, soaked with the rest of the juice, put the strawberries and cover with cream, with plastered and sides. Sprinkle with grated chocolate, decorate with strawberries separated and let stand in refrigerator at least 2 hours. * The cake can be made from two sheets of puff pastry, which are cut two identical circles. Cream and strawberries are sufficient to cover only not so abundant as in the photos. From the remnants of puff dough can be burned as ribbons, which then decorate the cake. * You can use other fruits, it is only to have a sour note, because the cream is highly delicate taste and is needed contrast.
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22 Apr 2010


Bravo!Easy to prepare, fruit and gentle.

How far will you go this strawberry attack!Rally, no mercy!Lyatooo comes!

Mim does not like strawberries compote, ie can not be compared to fresh, so use the season:-))) I have a few recipes that I have not done for years, all with strawberries. And occasions there are currently enough. No way will sport more:-))))

A great recipe to make it mandatory.

really no mercy.I love strawberries.Goes to favorites.

Bravo, Raleigh, looks very appetizing! Such a temptation hard to resist!

Wonderful, irresistible cake ... And how just love strawberries !!! Will do, I think that'll do if you do not bake a cake - they have always been my problem. Honestly, even recently started doing good cakes, I was not received and it is ... Just a little something to ask, I'm not sure if I understand correctly - both packages pudding prepared with 600 ml of milk, and not as of the package with 1 liter? Thanks in advance. On Saturday, roll up sleeves. Congratulations!

Fantastic!Can not try!

Donate to. Prepare with 600 ml of milk, must be very thick pudding. Then as a break with butter and cream becomes light and air. Well, calories are there on, I did feel:-) Pay attention to the temperature, and I wrote the recipe must be all warm, at room temperature. He took butter and cream time of the refrigerator. Good luck and write what happened:-)

Another strawberry temptation! Support mimsi - have you no mercy ?! Still waiting for the more tempting offer!

Just put it in the fridge to set. Cream is unique. I used lemon cream starch, and the latter must not ready. I shot it with a camera company, but I do not know how to ka4a in not expressly granted herein. Tomorrow, shtte say about the feedback.

To see the pictures here Photos: instructions for adding and rules . I'll wait to share what feedback. And how ready the latter must? Ready baked sheets butertesto? Or use another cake?

I used ready sponge cake. The cake is divine, ve4e half. It was ve4eryata my mate. Thanks, Aliana.

I am very glad:-)) I really significant in it is the cream. Try to upload a picture:-))

Cake is unique. I did it faithfully recipe Rally. The cream is divine, I had never tried this cream. Rally, you're right in saying that *gentle* cream requires acidic flavor of the fruit - the combination is unique, and the taste of butertestoto. I admit that the cakes are my weakness, chestichko do - always experimenting with creams and seek new combinations of products. Rally, thanks for the incredible proposal. This cream became my favorite, will use it for other cakes with other cake. I have a few photos. I will try to upload them. Once again - BRAVO !!!

After so much positive feedback I think if we should do a double dose?

Dari, very glad that you liked the cake. A cream is the result of many attempts and failures:-)) I also like you constantly looking for new combinations. This cream (and still another, though my *production*) is my favorite because it is versatile applicable. Your pictures are very nice, you can see the layers better than my. Bravo!

Mim, my cake pictures is 35 x 12 cm. Out of it 10 servings, but heavy;-) This is a set dose. If you do a round, you can earn 12 pieces of the recipe, not 16, because they can not be cut thin. Depending on how many people you will be assessed on its own whether it is necessary to double.

This other cream yours production, probably by Cake *Aliana*. I have to admit that this is my other favorite cream cake. Generally prefer sour cream for cream cakes, but sometimes (for reasons unknown) cream was my rare and accordingly, the cake - complete failure. I never occurred to ready to put cream powder to cream. Cake *Aliana* is another your cake that do most regularly, with or without reason, which also thank.

Well, I made it away! Became a size 26 to 20 cm. I had a problem with the syrup of the latter must, syrup ran away. I collected it from the baking pan and again on top. Instead I used strawberries blackberries. Syrup with the juice, which was withdrawn from them on thawing. Photos later.

Mim when Marsh is punctured, the juice enters the holes and from there then takes a while stays. I have not written this ... Waiting photos and reviews, what is the combination of blackberries:-)

I wait! I'm working, my mind is at home in the fridge! :)

Very nice cream is a good combination with blackberries. Will definitely make it again, but definitely with ordinary cake. Maybe from the puff pastry, but the latter must stand tough.

Mim, I feel that butertestoto different ... See my photo section, and see this Dari - my evident that the layers are separated from each other, and all of crisp, not nibbling only outside but inside are dense. A photo of Dari - visible, how Marsh is just one prominent sheet. Try, if a sponge cake will not be better - the objective is certainly not to try to take a bite fork to crush the whole cake. That's what happens with tough cake?

I just tried another version of the cream, I did it with chocolate pudding and butter smashed instead of sugar - 5 tablespoons Cocoa powder is not natural, but soluble for direct drinking of Nesquik. Was very tasty. I did it with a sponge cake with cocoa instead strawberries - 200 g chocolate pieces. Completely different cake camp. Chocolate unfortunate that I now camera to photograph it.

Rally, read my mind or I read yours. Such *improvisation* the cake was going to do for Gegyovden - sponge cake with cocoa and cocoa pudding. Something I did not think was that I break the oil with Nesquik. And also, I have not yet figured out how to replace strawberries - you give divine idea with chocolate pieces. I will poumuvam little more, but if you think of a suitable filler will *copy* from you. I still do photos. In general, wait 'Report'.

You sell chocolates with strawberry cream filling, is suffused with chocolate strawberries, would it not be nice and the chocolate pudding with strawberries?

Mime, and I do not think it would be bad. Just thought that intense chocolate strawberries will be lost. But nothing prevents to try.

Darina can opita6 as combinations of raisins and chocolate.

I'll try it

The day before yesterday I made it again for a birthday present. With dark crust and cream - chocolate, but in the very cream I added finally 200 g melted milk couverture. Cake received a lot of praise:-) For the different variants of this cream I put on a separate recipe. Put a picture of chocolate variant.

Again, I made it, but this time with a sponge cake, cream vanilla cream and fruit in half strawberries and raspberries. I look forward to rest and to cut the!

put & # 1117; photos, Mim! :-)

As for domestic consumption, and time pressed me not made any decoration, but a picture of the piece will do and will get. And again I say: Neeeeeveroyaten cream! I think it goes with all fruit!

Very nice cream get all liked it. Cake too, only that I have made with sponge cake. And the fruits are strawberries, kiwi and banana. Thanks for the great recipe.

Again I made it and I venture to put pictures again! Will do again and again, is incredible!

This cake I chose to do for Dimitri, my son, but now no strawberries and kiwi does not like much - advise what to put fruit! Orange? Pear?

Tangerines from compote perhaps? Or cherries? Drain well and piecing should be. I would put a cherry, I think the most appropriate.

Or plums compote?

cherry compote think I'd, I have at home. Thank you, Rally!

Here is my cake with sponge cake, cherry compote and a first attempt to transfer on the cake. Very tasty and light! All liked it. Congratulations for the Rally!

Congratulations to you, lu4a!

Lubbe, I'm glad you managed to spretnesh and to eat with pleasure:-) Things to hear:-)

Very nice cake, but I think that something could not handle making it. Cream supposedly top well received, but subsequently the oil somehow departments (as they are mixed with honey butter and oil becomes a *zhilichki* of vynshen type). I did some decoration to cover up the cream, but the dough modeling took from moisture cream and paint spread. I do not know whether you pristrasha take it to the party tonight :). We will see by then what will look like. I think I will mention the topic *failure* :)

sladki64e, nevertheless you decoration is very original. Bravo for the idea!

John, dear, you happened is exactly what I describe in the recipe as a possible difficulty - your oil is wasted. Apparently one of the ingredients had different temperature from the rest ... A pity really, but it happens. Is affect the taste? I do not believe right, but to ask. A decoration you very very fresh and beautiful, very you covered color? Drop me a picture of personal or FB.

What you fail, it's a work of art to me very like! It is the workmanship - you can hide defects and no one finds out about it!

Thank you for the compliments. Thanks to you will dare to bring to the party. Now I looked again and departed quite green juice leaves :). Rally, tried the cream, which was, and I think that its taste is changed, there are quite buttery flavor, from the intersection of the oil will be. But yesterday as I did I was asleep one (of the drugs I took allergy) and I put the pudding to cool in water and never checked his temperature. And then assembling the cake had accidents. One of the latter must, I had prepared was so soft and friable, that break anywhere and I removed that was already in pieces and crumbs. Well, I had another cake that was just halfway. Left it overnight in the fridge today and wondering whether to go to the decoration or just leave it like that, but nevertheless I began, as I knew it would happen with paint, but I'm not hard ... Maybe we should really be transferred to the topic *A failure in the kitchen* :). The taste will share her slice :).

If the pie, at least the strawberries will eat :)

Rally, if you look at the photos you will notice about the passage of the leaves in cream paint. With the residence time is more visible. Photographed, I will send.