Sponge layered cake

Submitted by enr on 27 Oct 2007
6 eggs
baking powder 1
2 packets of starch
1 vanilla
1 cup sugar
# For the syrup:
1 cup sugar
2 cup water
# spreads:
cream or cream of your choice
Sponge layered cake
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The eggs are broken and gradually add the sugar until a thick mixture. Add starches, pre-mixed with baking powder. Add and vanilla, mix well and bake in a moderate oven. Once cool pour syrup made from sugar dissolved in boiling water. Smeared with cream or cream of your choice, decorate with chocolate sprinkles, fruit (fresh or sweet) or other - optional.
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27 Oct 2007


Yesterday I made the cake. Was very tasty. Thanks for the recipe! I put the dough in 2 packets of starch 100 years

What should be starch? Wheat you?

recipe is great. I divided mixture of two ponds and one put walnuts.

The cake is delicious and easy to make!

I've never had cake whose crust is starch. I am interested in baking blow you a lot and this recipe for how big baking pan?

I made the cake and it was great. Marshes divided into two parts. Moist it with juice from the fruit compote and put them between two marshes. The finished cake I added at the end biscotti. Thanks for the recipe!

And I also liked.

It looks very appetizing.

From the same products without syrup and cream sponge cake do.

how many grams is starch? I bought in '60 but is not it?

will immediately try!

recipe is nice! But I divided it into two ponds, one is red and the other yellow. If the starch is of 60 grams using 3 starches. Decked it with sweet cherries. Was a murderer! :)

Starch is the wheat-200g if corn might not happen.

I only did it with corn.

very nice recipe. I cut marshes 2 and polu4i real cake. thank