Chicken liver with rice

Submitted by enr on 02 Mar 2009
500 g chicken livers
1 cup Rice
400 g vegetable mix
4 onions
pinch of pepper
Chicken liver with rice
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Chicken livers are cooked. Onion fry until golden and to this was added vegetable mix and livers. Stew and add the rice. Pour 4 cups water. Bake in a tray about 1 hour at 200 C.
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02 Mar 2009


goodies! Good Bravo!

Tasty sounds and looks. Surely try it.

But without dill because of the smell makes me sick.

I love liver, delicious.

Good recipe and image performance are wonderful. Thank you!

Congratulations for the nice recipe! All home very pleased. Good thanks for shared recipe.

do only with green pepper and carrot, put white pepper and dried thyme, but will try and so.

Bravo! Of your pictures look great, good. Congratulations to the recipe.

Very tasty became even with rabbit liver that had such a hand. Swapped fennel with a little celery, because his wonder and home! Thanks for the recipe :)

This is great. I always make it but with chicken. Yesterday I tried to liver is super

If you try to mix vegetable and rice add 1 packet of raisins. Becomes incredibly delicious with raisins, they swell and give a pale sweet taste. I can not describe it. Must try :) Otherwise, bravo for the recipe. Is great! :)

Congratulations! Eating was very tasty. My husband asked him sipvam three times and did not stay.

And my man became his favorite. Much yummy!

A great recipe! Very fast and easy-became our favorite and no longer wonder what to do from dorbchetata!

It is very good. Now will try.

I do not eat liver, so that the evaluation is half :) I liked him a lot.

the same happens with mills and hearts. becomes very tasty

Yes, I've tried with hearts, livers because they were stopped in shambles, from which the market really becomes very tasty :)