White coconut layered cake

Submitted by enr on 07 Aug 2009
1 ready thin base
2 croissants
400 ml coconut milk
400 ml milk
200 ml cream
1 tsp agartin or gelatin
4 tbsp flour
seen 300 g canned fruit + 250 ml juice
1 vanilla on the tip of a knife cinnamon
6 tbsp sugar
# For decoration:
400 ml cream
2 tbsp sugar
1 package of cream fix
12 candy Raphael
White coconut layered cake
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The base is in the clamp ring cake. In the juice from the can blur flour. Lichitata halve. The 3 tbsp milk blurs agartinat. Croissants are cut into slices. Mix coconut milk, fresh milk and cream, put the sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, boil, put it agartinat and boil 2 minutes, stirring with a wire. Add the juice from the can with fuzzy meal. Pour a thin stream and beat constantly. Boil for 2 minutes and remove from heat. 1/3 of the cream is poured over the base, rank is kroasanenite slices, put them on the fruit and pour the remaining cream. Allow to cool, then for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator. Mix the cream with the sugar and the retainer. Remove the ring and cake smeared with cream. At the edge of the candy are arranged equidistant from one another. * With fixative cream cake lasts three days in the refrigerator.
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07 Aug 2009


With this exotic fruit is really original. It is huvabava cake so white!

Aliana very elegant and delicious cake. If using fresh lichis, what do you think is better to replace the juice.

Mmm, P entire cake for me :) I will eat with her fun :) I love coconut. Bravo Rally. Except lichitata will change, maybe ... :)

Suites, according to the sweetness of the container you use will fit white grape juice may be slightly diluted with water. Vesi, there are many fruits that go with coconut. I think next time I put or apricots, or guava ... and with fresh strawberries would be great, but their last season ... is where cutting will be white, but nothing: -)

Aliana thanks, oh now wonder with lichis I do it or guava after you read the answer.

girls, my husband now knowing that I am put here the recipe said to him it was very very intense coconut flavor, I wrote less coconut milk and fresh ... more To me it was well ... Who does not like so much, reduce coconut. I know you do. Suites if do with guava necessarily tell how it happened!

Aliana made cake with guava, but I think next time with lichis to do. The combination of coconut and guava is not to my taste. Children like her.

Oh, pity Suites! But at least now I know ... then I remain of options with shows ... With 400ml coconut milk you make it or put less? I wonder ...

Coconut milk was 400 ml .. Taste of coconut was super, as well pull guava. But I think that will be evident better. I used gelatin, agar agar but not if it matters.
She cake almost over.

No, gelling agent does not matter, I thought even if not tense enough with just flour / starch. But this consistency, gelling, I like:-)

Now a stupid question, what is lichis that this cake immediately grabbed me and such first hear .. and coconut adore!

Lychee is a tropical fruit, if you look at all the photos to the recipe - they are a picture. Preserved them there in BG, but only some stores that offer more exotic stuff (I'm taking from supermarket Hit in Sofia, I guess it could have them in Kaufland, Piccadilly ... ). Very interesting to taste - to me reminiscent of elderberry juice :)

Thanks for the info. We looked at Kaufland today, like exotic fruit and will give them a try.

recipes, but I personally think it a try with coconut and pineapple. I always liked the combination of the combination of two fruit juices. The other is that there is a recipe for coconut candy made at home usloviya- *coconut candy* - tested is a great recipe.

Very light and very tasty cake. I did it with pineapple syrup from compote used to moisten the marshes. I used gelatin (10d). There was no time to wait for 3-4 hours so not tightened completely, but that did not stop us to eat with her buddies. All we like. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

and it should be tried, and very interesting how the image is folded, how you do it, nm is so nice

I am glad that you had delight cake:-) However dessert greatly contributed to the successful completion of each meal;-)

great dessert for summer, and now after one night in the refrigerator is more delicious. The pieces are not very beautiful, but it is lack of time to wait to set. But what does not wear it on exhibition:-)

I thought of this cake, but first I did all products, the second did not have time to go shopping :). So I changed her but the gist is this recipe. Did pastichera cream and 2 swamps who prepared herself (I chose to have cocoa). Between two marshes put sliced ​​croissants stuffed with caramel cream. Still get a great yummy. I did not have time to decorate.

I will try with chocolate cake, sounds interesting to me s delicious!