Winter fruit salad with dressing

Submitted by enr on 07 Feb 2010
pomelo 1
2 kiwi
2 bananas
2 tangerines
2 apples (variety Mutso)
# For the dressing:
1 tbsp caramel
20-30 ml dark rum
50 g brown sugar
Winter fruit salad with dressing
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Fruits are cut into small cubes. In separate bowl mix the rum, caramel and brown sugar. In the bowl of layers are arranged various fruits and flooded with dressing. Top is decorated with pieces of mandarin and sprinkle with brown sugar or honey (of your choice). May mix everything and pour the dressing.
Very easy
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07 Feb 2010


What is dresig?

dressing is a dressing that is added to enrich the flavor of the main ingredients. Common types are Vinaigrette (plant basements - oil / olive oil) and vinegar) and mayonnaise. Add and spices, onions, garlic, mustard, salt and sugar. Depending on the desired taste using cider or wine vinegar, which to achieve *lighter* taste can be replaced by lemon juice.In the Bulgarian national cuisine not using prepared dressings, but salads seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt placed separately on the table

In the case of rum, caramel and brown sugar!

interesting recipe. Any reason I can offer it to my guests? lqna?

And we've Eat dessert or dinner instead! You decide!