Yoghurt Stracciatella

Submitted by enr on 23 May 2009
1 kg of yogurt or 800 g drained
200 g of chocolate (cold)
4 tbsp sugar
1 vanilla
1-2 drops almond
6 sheets gelatin optional
Yoghurt Stracciatella
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Yogurt drain (if not ready drained). Put the sugar, vanilla and almond essence. Chocolate cut into small pieces or grate in large pieces and sprinkles in the milk, stirring. Cooled before serving. * The milk may be gelled, wherein the gelatin is soaked in a few tablespoons of water, heated in the water in which it is soaked, melted and added to the sweetened and seasoned milk, and only then put chocolate. Should tighten in cups or in a bowl, and then can be cut into portions. * If chocolate with rum, liqueur or nuts, it is also a nice combination. * In the yogurt can be put and 2 tbsp instant coffee or cocoa. * jelly yogurt is ideal for summer cream cakes, becoming very successful and nonfat yogurt. * To Strachalela go and fresh fruit, especially cherries.
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23 May 2009


great summer dessert! Will try! Bookmark

Raleigh, thank you for the wonderful pudding ... it will overpower the summer heat.

Great pudding. Bravooo!

Bravo Rally! I liked the idea of ​​this summer dessert!

love, fast puddingta with strained, already in favorites.

It hit us in the warm days for now successfully substitute ice cream. Very nice and refreshing.

became great -Milk it gelling

Annie, I'm glad to read that the recipes are nice is that you like:-)

Very tasty cream out. I put 400g drained yogurt and sour cream 400g. Will do it many more times. I soon decided to make biscuit cake with him, with addition of strawberries or cherries, just now will have a season. Rally, thanks for the nice recipe!

I am glad, my dear, that you like! With fruit is very fresh and tasty combination, you can safely try :)

I do not how I saw it this far pudding. Great combination of milk chocolate and fruit. And I got the idea for biscuit cakes with this pudding. Already enrolled in the *Favorites* corrected its failure. Soon I'm going to take this incredible offer you.

Here it is market ready, and for several months and in some buckets of 1 kg and with natural milk, not that sucks you call it cream and real yogurt. Although I am opposed to finished products, I began to get smart ass and buy it from time to time;) And I uttering biscuits, but also with sponge becomes very nice - sponge absorbs the surplus moisture and becomes very thick cream.

if you put a mint in the CIS. milk advance? :) If it would work?

There is no reason not to get. If you mean liqueur mint, see that it watered down. In the case of mint leaves, no problem. Matter of preference :) The combination of mint and chocolate for example in after-Eight. Yogurt in addition :)

great summer dessert Rally! I did it with white chocolate instead of sugar sweetened with honey. I do often like desserts (with a variety of fruits, chocolates and nuts), but so far I have not thought to put almond essence. It tastes much nicer :) We liked!

Reni, very beautiful photos! Yogurt prepared in this recipe is fresh and versatile. I am glad that he liked to you :)

Rally, the next you an easy and delicious recipe :) Last night mess with January 1 yogurt 4, 5% and a cream, with plenty of icing sugar on the bottom of the bowls put raspberries and blackberries, and grated chocolate with almonds - and inside, and the top. The result - nothing left to shoot. Excellent recipe for fresh summer dessert - and for lovers of sweet and such a sour, everyone can complement the flavor desired. Thank you :)

Dorothea, very happy! With raspberries and blackberries I have not done, I have not even thought of them! Must try, more so anyway idea looking for a summer cake after 2 weeks. Indeed yogurt prepared in this way is subject to many variations and is for everyone! I am glad that you experimented with the recipe :)

On Me raspberries are my very favorite fruit. Surely with strawberries will have a rich taste and aroma, but I have not seen soon. I think you will not regret it if you do it with raspberries :)

Yes, I will surely try, hopefully not until their last season :)