Zucchini with onions and tomatoes in the oven

Submitted by enr on 12 May 2009
1 kg zucchini
400 g tomatoes
3 onions (maybe fresh)
100 ml sunflower oil
50 g butter
2-3 sprigs fresh garlic
Zucchini with onions and tomatoes in the oven
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Courgettes cut into slices, add salt and let stand a little. The clean and chopped onion stew in the oil. Add and some chopped tomatoes and chopped garlic. Strangling continued for about ten minutes. At the bottom of a buttered baking dish place of courgettes which are rolled in flour. On them is poured from the tomato mixture. So be arranged to finish the products. Top rank sliced ​​tomatoes. Dish sprinkle with dill and melted butter. Bake until ready. * Optional dish can be flooded with a mixture of beaten eggs and warm water mixed into flour. * Just before you are ready to Sprinkle with grated cheese.
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12 May 2009


wonderful dish, put it in favorites :)

And I put to favorites! Nice recipe!

And the taste is superb! This was our dinner, all licked his fingers.

I am very glad that you like the dish.

Superski idea. Just tonight will prepare)

Desi yesterday for the second time were done. When I cooked for the first time even I could not photograph them, ate them in minutes. Last night, however, added a little rice. This time I have pictures and upload them :) Thank you for the wonderful idea :)

Fanny, very nice snimchitsi. Bravo! I am very glad that you liked the recipe. I also do them often.

Goes to favorites! Tonight will try them!

It was great - I poured it with 3 eggs, slightly diluted with some water ... Bravo for the idea Desi!

Desi just wondering what to cook - straight save me. Will cook this dish -izglezhda big yummy.

I've done it and very tasty dish.

Today I think it nagotvya. Anyway, I have so much zucchini at home.

The recipe is very good. I added a little olive rice

Sveta, I'm glad you liked the recipe. Rice becomes really very tasty.

In stifling added one onion finely chopped green pepper. Was very tasty!

Oval courgettes in a mixture of flour and breadcrumbs. Before you put the pan to bake, sprinkle a little of this mixture. Creates a delicious crust; Do not fry the onion and tomatoes and mix everything raw, and add the oil and pour courgettes. Above do not put sliced ​​tomatoes - whole amount goes into the sauce. Very tasty occurs if the line up circle zucchini, potato circle / free to add some in flour /. Great recipe!

incredibly tasty dish. I added a little rice. Mmmm ...

I took the advice of Ina, zucchini roll them in flour and bread crumbs, put thin slices of potatoes, all raw, it was very tasty, thank Ina and Desi that share the recipe with us.

Do not forget about this delicious recipe.

Very tasty! And I took the advice of Ina, not only put the potatoes. Thanks for the recipe!