Biscuit layered cake Mom

Submitted by enr on 03 Jan 2008
560 g biscuits (Papadopoulos - 4 pack)
300 g butter
250 g of powdered sugar
50 g cocoa powder
250 g walnuts
150 ml milk
1 tbsp rum
Biscuit layered cake Mom
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Biscuits are broken up into a large bowl into pieces of about 1x1 cm. The butter is melted over low heat. To it was added cocoa, sugar and rum. Stir until a smooth cream. Broken biscuits sprinkled with fresh milk, add coarsely chopped walnuts and mix well. Add the oil and cream. The mixture was again stirred gently and pour into a baking dish. The cake is decorated optional and leave in refrigerator for several hours. Before consumption is best left for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.
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03 Jan 2008


I do make this cake is really easy and delicious! Thank you that I recall it.

And I use this recipe, but I cut a mixture of roll. Very tasty it.

Try it and everyone loved it. Thank you.

This is your favorite cake of my son! Only that I did not make it long.

Formed in foil or foil as a roll - is super.

Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

I put and candied orange peel.

Please someone tell me what other cookies can replace these? Thank you in advance!

Miroslava, cookies may be the most ordinary / those who are 50-60 cm. / Gift of wheat and so on.

Thank you very much!

Very tasty cake!

unfortunate that here in England there are no such cookies, but try the 6 other. awesome

You can put biscuits *Breakfast* I might do with them and become super!

cake becomes very tasty and starch-fast, easy and tasty it is!

Thanks for the recipe!I left it.Really going strahotna1

I worked on it and I was very tasty

and today this recipe only biscuits and walnuts them more finely ground and made small rocks became great

thank Senta now I add it to favorites

Very tasty cakes. Bravo. Put in favorite and I hope soon to do.

Today I made this cake. All liked it and became very quickly :) Upload and photos.

goes to Favorites, just did not understand what to biscuits that such'm not Wieden, can have breakfast as other

I used *Wheat gift' ordinary.

Papadopoulos is a Greek company, their biscuits are crispy and well baked Bulgarian. I buy them from Billa. Corny gift and Breakfast also do a great job.

seems INSURANCE, bravo!Very beautiful photos.

recipe tried but failed. this is absurd 560 grams. biscuits to mix with this cream in the sense that the cream is very little for so biscuits. I think the author or forgot to enter more a product or confused the weight of something. I added the starch and vanilla to get something and become quite tasty.

wendy, do not know why you received the recipe is repeatedly probed with set products obtained great.

I do like, but put one jar of jam yagodi- home, do not put sugar, cocoa and milk and do salami with foil. Superb!

tried and I get very tasty, but I join wendy, 560 grams biscuits are just absurd, I tried it with 520 grams Jiten gift, these are the four packets, using a little more than 2 packages. Cream with weight was exactly according to the recipe, but just more biscuits could not take ...

I do with this proportion cake and biscuits Papadopoulos (3 or 4 sachets) and always gets. Can increase the amount of milk, maybe Jiten gift and Breakfast require more milk to be watered. If you increase the oil will become too oily and heavy cake. But still depends on the taste of each.

It was great! We like!

Reni, looks very good! You tell us, what used to decorate?

Reni wonderful performance of the recipe and wonderful pictures, bravo!

Pepi, flowers, thank you! Pepi, this chocolate flakes with small pieces of hazelnuts. First buy such - very tasty :)

obviously realized something ... I put milk in biscuits was not enough and they stayed dry ... the pudding was a bit just enough to be married biscuits and finally get crushed biscuits confused and hence, coated with cocoa cream say ... where did not get cake certainly neither taste nor appearance and complied with all verbatim exactly .. :(

Yanka, I do not I did with *Papadopoulos* using cookies to cake - they took great cream and softened. Quantity it really is not a lot, but I think it is sufficient for 560 g. Biscuits. If more I think that the cake will be very severe.

Great cake! Yesterday I made it and I am delighted! Wonderful recipe, Bravo! ;)

Toku just made the cake, literally for 10 minutes and to be honest I do not think that something would come, but I think happened:) I put 2 packs of biscuits cake Homeland, which are 250 grams and as I saw this huge pile seemed impossible so little cream to go, but we have:) To be safe, however, plyosnah and a cream top, but it also was that pudding, and was expired :) However licked and baking pans expired I will eat her after a few hours :)Thanks for the recipe :)

Roma can it replace? If so, with what?

Roma for flavor, you can replace any other flavor you like - to put 1. L. Of water or juice and vanilla, grated lemon / orange peel, another aromatic essence. Very pleasant it with 1. L. Orange juice and grated orange peel - combines well with chocolate.