Puree chicken with rice (5 months)

Submitted by enr on 08 Jun 2009
80 g rice
3 tbsp apple juice
50 g boiled, boned and chopped chicken
Gets cooked rice. Stir in remaining ingredients and everything is passaged until puree is smooth.
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08 Jun 2009


long my kids are not babies and I may have forgotten, but mashed meat Does not recommended after 8-9 months?

Yes it is. 5 months of age not given meat ...

Why not give meat, because it is said pediatrician. My son eats meat from 4 months of age and is now very well and continue to eat even steaks. It is good to give babies 2-3 times a month meat.

Sweet Mama, nobody says it is not good to give meat. But a baby if fed for 4 months, I think it is too early to give meat purees 5 months. And every mother herself decides what and when to give your child. And how many months you fed your baby?

OOO, girls, you better pass it again :) I know a Roma woman began to bear beans baby of 40 days. Speechless when told us. But in the end nothing will his child. It is now 16 years old :)

4 months. I started with vegetable purees, but he refused to eat them. And it feeding it with fruit and meat! Fish and chicken was required in his weekly menu. And this with beans poor tummy child!

When you were small mine 3 months I started with fruit. Some purees them yadaha-other-not. 5 and a half months I began to take on children's kitchen. In the beginning I gave only the liquid with bread crumbs after a day or mashed potatoes well, rice and so ... :) Now let's see what eating fall ... :)