Camembert with cranberry sauce and pears

Submitted by enr on 04 Aug 2009
little cake Camembert (125 g)
2 tbsp dried cranberries
2 tbsp butter
1 pear
2-3 tbsp black sugar
1 egg
sheet puff pastry
Camembert with cranberry sauce and pears
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The dough was allowed to warm to room temperature, and then rolled so that it can cut a circle with a diameter of 27 cm. Spread edging along the circle about two centimeters beaten with 1 tbsp water egg. Camembert loaf is cut to 2 (as base) and one half is placed in the center of the circle cut side up. Top cover with half the stuffing prepared as follows: peeled and sliced ​​pear fry over low heat in melted butter with sugar until soft. Add blueberries and pulls the fire. Allow to cool down. The first layer of sauce placed second half of Camembert, cut side down, on top put the rest of the filling. Wrap the dough so close Camembert from all sides. Can countries that are folded together to bake with egg to seal. Put it in a baking dish with The rolled-down and bake in a preheated 200 ° C oven until golden.
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04 Aug 2009


Very interesting version of the classic recipe! Bravo! Only if you love what *Doug Bella*?

Well, at the time when I was in Bulgaria it was puff pastry. I think that was it. Like what you make croissants. Hope this helps. The recipe is very fast and it really very tasty. Ideal for Saturday morning :).

Leleeeee! Great temptation! Watching it and just ... I'll do it!

Please, nothing. It is very tasty and not difficult. I saw that you live in Germany, I also. Here use Bl & # 228; tterteig. Greetings.

I did yesterday 4 servings, but I did not shoot. I put the Swedish blueberry jam, I had dried. Became very very delicious! Just because the oil we were little greasy, so next time will caramelized pear without oil. Dried cranberries or absorb fat?

Yes, maybe butter in the recipe is a bit much, but I decided to keep it as original. I also do not like greasy and put less. A sweet and I know it is very tasty, but dried cranberries swell of oil and flavor is quite different. Jump starting to smell, as I have not lunch :).

Krektsiya, jam, which turned out to know Danish.

Mmm, it was great. We have put oil as in the recipe, but it was not greasy. Overall dessert is heavier, but this is because of the cheese itself. Will surely do it again :)