Banitsi in a pot

Submitted by enr on 26 Sep 2010
6 filo pastry sheets
feta cheese
2 eggs
500 ml milk
Banitsi in a pot
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On each crust crumble feta cheese and rolled tight. Each is wound in the bottom of each pot as ohlyuvche. Top put one lump butter and pour the beaten eggs and milk. Bake until golden brown.
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26 Sep 2010
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Until now my pies has remained dry from above, but in a pot became juicy and soft.

clever idea, but I'll put 2 sheets because 1 seems to me a little.

I tried with 1 and 2 sheets and 2 really is a tight pastry and 1 when removing me apart.

Without cover you bake?

Peko first with and then without cover, of an eye.

Prrobvah and sweet version with pumpkin and delight - very successful and juicy!

Great idea, Lu4a! I made them with some additions for 8 pots: 0 500 kg. peel - with two sheets 1 & # 189; l. eg. milk, six eggs. Inner sheet namaznih 1 & # 189; tablespoons oil, and put kremvirsh. Baking - without cover. So they liked children, we decided every Saturday or Sunday this is our breakfast.

I want to ask, from 6 6 gyuve4eta peel out or not, that is a crust gyuve4e you put?

As is well in pot 2 peel.

anointed you gyuvechetata fat

lilialkara, I do not paint with oil. Superimpose oil on ohlyuvcheto.

Thanks for the reply. Will surely make them ...

Great picture pastry Valentina and her good, I liked it and I missed this recipe, so you can do little to expression quickly!

Super idea! Dashterya my student, a baking pan and comes much and invite colleagues and comes skapo- is-is-is more practical than it, health tell him! Thanks for student bite!

For the first time I've pastry with milk and I loved it! The idea to bake patties in pots is great!