Biscuit chocolate layered cake with blueberries

Submitted by enr on 05 Jan 2013
# For the cake:
330 g biscuits Breakfast
200 ml milk
300 g dark chocolate
125 g butter
150 ml cream
150 g dried cranberries
1/2 essence rum
# For glaze:
200 g white chocolate
125 g butter
Biscuit chocolate layered cake with blueberries
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Biscuits are broken into pieces and showered with warm, unsweetened milk. Break the chocolate together with the butter melt in a water bath. Gradually added to the warm (non-fragmented) cream. Stirred with a spoon to give a smooth cream, which pour the biscuits. Add blueberries and essence. Mix well. The mixture was poured into a baking dish with a diameter of 21 cm. Decorate with icing (white chocolate and the butter melted in a water bath). Cake in the refrigerator for several hours while tightening cream.
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05 Jan 2013
idea * of Biscuit chocolate cake * - * Bon Appetit *


Reni, very tasty cakes and put it into a favorite :)

Thanks, Willie :) It's very, very chocolate :)

Top with another cream you pour?

Because at home we are addicted to chocolate :) glaze made of white chocolate and sprinkled with pieces of milk chocolate. I included them in the recipe (can be flooded with cream - who as likes, or to sprinkle with nuts or cocoa) :)

I started to make cakes, but I want to ask the biscuits in a blender you digest or nachupravt just pieces?

broken to pieces. I hope you enjoy the cake :)

Fast and delicious cake! Still I wanted to ask you what you added on top of that something does not fit the image of the recipe, but it is clear to me! :) Reni, great offer!

Thank you, Ina! Cake really is prepared quickly and becomes very tasty :) will add icing to the recipe (I think need - for more clarity) :)

I had a failure with the decoration, but fortunately nobody understood :) dessert is great, a little heavy for our taste, but does it matter ... not ostanaaa! Congratulations, Reni!

Pepi, Pastry looks great! Glad you liked it :)

Reni, cake is awesome and quickly prepared! :) I put blueberries instead of raspberries / I love the combination of chocolate-raspberry /. Are so CHOCOLATE to put some berries of freshness! :) :) Loved it home! I do not know how I missed this recipe ?? ...

Nelly, so richly adorned her and so appetizing look ... makes me priyadat much! Glad you liked it! I guess with raspberries has become gorgeous :)

Thank you, Rennie :) !!I decided with the decoration to complement the chocolate * bomb * !! :)

I have not made her :) Instead of cookies this time she had prepared with biscuits. Home favorite :)