Kozunak without kneading

Submitted by enr on 11 Apr 2014
6 eggs
300 g sugar
250 ml milk
250 g melted lard (I put 125 g butter and 125 g fat)
50 ml warm water to dissolve the yeast
50 ml cognac or rum (put whiskey)
40 g fresh yeast or 14 g dry
1 kg of flour
rind of 1 large lemon
stuffing optional
Kozunak without kneading
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All ingredients should be at room temperature. Activate the yeast with 1 tbsp sugar, 50 ml hot water and 2-3 tbsp flour. I used 2 packages dry yeast of others. Oetker, which directly added to the sifted flour. Sift the flour and add to it dissolved in the milk sugar to no crystals melted fat, beaten eggs, alcohol. If you use fresh yeast then it during that time already activated, and add it to other products and zest. All this mix with a dough hook mixer or wooden spoon. The dough is very sticky and is not mixing, but do not worry and do not add more flour. Leave in a warm place to rise until the volume increased three times. Here the author of the original recipe says that leaving the dough to rise overnight, as it implicated late, leave it in the room where the temperature is about 20C degrees in the morning and it is rising and ready for shaping . I also omesih with these intentions, but after an hour and a half - two it already tripled its volume, so I went to shaping. Prepare the containers in which to bake kozunakste - for easy detachment used baking paper. Prepare the stuffing for kozunakste and a plate with a little sunflower oil in which his greasy hands for easy work with dough. For the filling I used 150 g color delight, chocolate spread and raisins. Divide your dough into three and then another three for you to Lace kozunakste. With greasy hands spread of rectangular pieces of dough, place the filling and wrap. Twist like a rope and Lace. Finished braided kozunaks, a warm place to rise until fulfill its forms. You can place them in the oven at 50 degrees to rise faster. It took me about 45 minutes (after the second rising knitting get lost, but still contribute to the air inside of kozunakste after roasting). then smear them with egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon milk and 1 tablespoon sunflower oil. Sprinkle with plenty of crystal sugar (and raisins optional) and bake them at 180C degrees to dry stick. If necessary, cover with aluminum foil to not burn as mine. * From this amount of dough out three standard oblong the kozunak. * I with one third of the dough formed a long kozunak with chocolate spread and platted three wick of plain weave. Another test divided into 4 parts, which razstelih, put the stuffing of Turkish delight and raisins, I turned, twisted and knotted did the four wick (pictured seen how). * The filling is desired, may be of Turkish delight, chocolate spread, walnuts, raisins, dried fruits, cocoa-nut stuffing and more. * The kozunak prepared thus becomes light, air and with great flavor, but at the same time is so easy to make, even without getting your hands dirty.
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11 Apr 2014


Can you not use lard, but butter?

You JDulle, I have prepared the cake in this manner, but there are girls who have done with oil.

Today, it makes cake in this recipe, I made half the dose that many things will have to eat tomorrow. I did it with dried fruits, nuts, Turkish delight and raisins ... have:) and only put oil without mass. Became very mekichak straight as cotton :)

I tried to adapt my recipe, so to prepare the cake in the bakery. I reduced the amount of products tripled. I used equal amounts of milk, yogurt, butter and put only about 5 g dry yeast Dr. Oetker, 2 eggs and 1 protein. Everything else followed the recipe. Run the machine to test programs. Complete mixing (15-20 min) put a package delight and '90 raisins. I dropped another kneading and let it rest. After two hours and no dough became not triple, quadruple well. I ran the program for baking and Konush, some 15 minutes after covered with egg yolk and a little milk and sprinkled with sugar. It was a great cake! Naturally there was no thread, but I never expected in such a lazy job :) cake is very fragrant and fluffy scary! Gold, thanks for the recipe :) Happy Holidays!

mimoza784, very glad that you trust the recipe and has received a wonderful cake :) Your way to make his bakery makes it even easier to prepare. Your idea is great, thank you so much that he said :)