Wholemeal bread baking

Submitted by enr on 24 Sep 2014
280 ml water
30 ml butter
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tsp salt
450 g wholemeal
7 g dry yeast
50 g peeled sunflower seeds or other nuts - optional
fiber linseed - optional
Wholemeal bread baking
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In the container of the bakery are put first liquid products, the water should be at room temperature. Added sugar, salt, and flour. Reference is well, in which the yeast is poured. Bakery is set to program bread, loaf size - 750 g, medium browning. When you hear the sound signal is added and seeds. * This bread like texture resembles bread * Bonus *. Becomes quite small, but very stodgy.
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24 Sep 2014
Nadya K - www.bg-mamma.com


For more than a year do bread only in this recipe and only flour shown in the first photo - wholemeal rye with linseed. Today I could not find on flour and bought another brand of sashata - whole wheat oatmeal. I added the same amounts of nuts and fiber, every time. It was fluffy bread that almost out of the container of the bakery. Obviously depending on the type of flour and by any bread was prepared with the consistency of a *bonus.* I apologize if I misled anyone with this.