Rum balls

Submitted by enr on 19 Nov 2007
250 g biscuits (butter cookies or clippings bases)
100 g of roasted and ground walnuts
50 g dark chocolate
75 g of sweet fruits (figs, green tomatoes, peel portokaovi)
100 ml rum
# For cream:
100 g of powdered sugar
100 g butter
1 vanilla
# For the vanilla cream:
100 ml milk
1 tbsp (15 g) flour
1 tsp (10 g) sugar
1 vanilla
For the buttercream: The butter, powdered sugar and vanilla crash until a fluffy cream. For the vanilla cream, flour, sugar and milk, mix thoroughly and heated to boiling and condensation. After removing from the fire put vanilla. cream to cool, stir well and added to it gradually 1/2 of cream, 25 g of walnut kernels and chopped fruits of sweet. Finally, add the crushed biscuits. The mixture was stirred well and it make balls the size of a walnut. The balls are dipped in rum and rolled the remaining walnuts. With a slight pressure on each of them is formed hollow and pour melted chocolate in advance. Top sprayed rest white buttercream as small florets. Optional on cream can put a circle of sweet fruit. If you have a paper of capsules for candy - marbles are extruded and decorate after being placed in capsules.
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19 Nov 2007


looks very tasty. Please enter your will tested

jufa, I hope you like and taste :) I'll be glad to share the outcome :)