Layered cake Choco-Cheese

Submitted by enr on 24 Oct 2011
# For the bases:
1 egg
1 cup sugar
1 cup sunflower oil
1 cup milk
1 full tbsp cocoa
10 g baking powder
pinch of salt
2 cup flour
# For the cream:
250 g cream cheese
250 g sour cream
200 ml cream (preferably animal)
10 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
1 Ole cream (vanilla or chocolate) or another cream powder (instant)
# And more:
4 croissants with fillings of your choice (I use by large (80 g) with filling vanilla-cherry)
# For the syrup of the bases:
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
Layered cake Choco-Cheese
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Beat the egg with the sugar, add the oil, milk (with baking powder dissolved in it), flour, cocoa, salt. The resulting mixture divide into two and bake in shape with a diameter of 25-26 cm (recommend the use of baking paper). All products cream (without cream Ole * *) are broken (I put everything into the bowl of the food processor, with plug-knife). Stir until smooth and glossy (satin) mixture (takes about 2 minutes). Add cream and powder (in this case * Ole) and continue beating until the mixture tightness. Arrange cake: I used unbuckle ring to form the cake. Put a cocoa base. Moist lightly with sugar syrup. Spreads a thin (but not transparent) layer of cream. On cream arrange sliced ​​2 croissants. Top greased croissants with cream (richer in order to enter and cream between pieces). top tier should croissants - the other two and cream again. Put the cocoa second base. And it slightly syrupy. We finish with cream. decorate (a matter of taste, fantasy, available products and time). Can be consumed immediately, but after stand is better. * This cake is a composite score by combining some favorite recipes from the site (with slight modifications). I hope that the authors will not mind :) * The base is close to that of Cake Kodrit Kadir . The idea of ​​combination bases-croissants is White coconut cake . The cream was born after the preparation of Carrot Cake (Carrot cake) I decided that I will not use butter. Thickening put cream Dr. Oetker and I liked the result. * Capacity 1 cup (Full to the brim) = 220 ml water
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24 Oct 2011


Elti, my congratulations! Combining everything very appropriate and you got a great dessert!


and I want to join in the congratulations. Really great whim, wonderful combination of products and incredible result. Surely I made this cake did occasions recently and will have many. ELTI, superb dessert. Applause ...

Really interesting variant of cake. Will nyapravya on Friday for the birthday of a friend and her daughter. I just want to ask whether the croissants not remain dry or they take the cream as cake stand?

And another thing to ask - I do not have a food processor, mixer whip the cream will guess the result will be the same but longer break?

Hey, you are very dear - thank you for the nice comments. The cake was highly appreciated at home and quickly share it with you. Will be glad if your expectations. On croissants - no, do not stay dry. I pull them out of the package, cut and uttering. Do not have time to dry. Piece of cake picture is cut almost immediately after preparation (to be stood up to 15 min. In the refrigerator). But the next day was even more juicy and delicious. Now board and mixer - start by breaking cheese, sour cream and sugar (I think it will be as a blender, and with the usual mixers mixer). The mixture should become perfectly smooth, the sugar dissolves. Then put the liquid cream and cream immediately *Ole* th. If you put it all together and mix for longer threatens the liquid cream to cross (I know from experience with other sweets). About this sequence, which I have just described is important. Will be happy soon saw your photos. Hope you like delight us. The cake is cooked quickly, but can further reduce the time by using ready-made cake.

Thanks for the advice - I hope to handle. Will upload pictures as soon as you do.

I liked this recipe - giving ten

einjal, straight surprised me how fast :))) Bravo! I am very glad that you liked. Thy looks with more cream is very rich! And the pictures are primalivo appetizing.

No Sym recipe yesterday.We are dyshterichkata bolnichki and sit in floor plans and cook.Your e lovely, will try again and hopefully get me - this is my second cake I do.Confectionery my tymna India, but Sym determined to get to grips with.I put too much cream, croissants should have a tynko.Many comments I have but vkusyt is great.Next ROUTES will try more.Divine inspiration recipe

Elti, will you tell me what cream cheese cream use and what is because many species, but not all are successful, and many want to get my cake?

Cream prefer *Dobrudzhanche*, but something does not find in stores for some time and making *Danone*. Liquid cream is *Neuburger* in the blue box ( Buy it from Billa (elsewhere I have not seen). Cream cheese is Nashensko of *Hraninvest. '

Pastry was very nice and very easy to prepare. I baked mixture of swamps once and then halve thread. Only cream I became pretty tight, liquid cream became really fast and I added cream and Ole-it with the mixer now you can not be confused, but I was able to mix well and spread on the latter must. Now, after a stay of one night in the refrigerator the result is gorgeous. And upload photos. Thanks for the good recipe.

di_jar, I'm glad you liked the cake. And to me the cream was tight, but not too much. What liquid cream used? However, the results that you see in the pictures is great. You have done brilliantly. Enjoy your meal :)

Hello Elti and I wanted to do this cake looks super tasty but not clear to me this cream Ole cooking without you? To me it is clear what I can replace it ...

Long ago I had not eaten so delicious cake! Five assessment is deserved but too low for great taste! BRAVO!

Perunika, thank you for your kind words! I'm very happy. And your photos are great. STELKINA, cream without boiling. One else, not necessarily the *Ole*. Hopefully you'll like it.

I made the cake again, but this time I used the mixer to cream, to see how this will work. So really becomes much thicker. More on the break with cream cheese mixture thickens, then add cream *Ole* became more dense. I hope the pictures to show that the cream is quite thick and to see the difference. I add milk to their correct density, but gave up, so I can add here this comment with a photo. So as advice - if you get too thick add a little cream milk (liquid or cream).

Elti just such it became to me - very thick, I rule that the mixer as you described to me, because I do not have a food processor. I add milk to dilute but refused to not spoil the cream, but next time I will try to milk dilution if it still so thick. Very nice cake - despite the huge amount of dust inside becomes very mild and pleasant.

This time my cream with vanilla flavor (and white).

This cake tomorrow will be made! Looks phenomenal - I can not wait to eat;)

maknik, thanks. We are very tasty, and I hope you'll be waiting :) reviews. If you've used mixer read the comments and provide fresh milk in hand (or a greater amount of sour cream). Nice preparation.

Great is Elti, and I know her taste and unique ... :)!

is unique Elti! Long is my favorite, but when you will nakanya make her most seductive!

Thank you, thank you :) girls.

Elti, made the cake! :) Phenomenal upload photos.

maknik, you sweet :) I really am glad that you liked.

I do not want to offend anyone, but I expected much more. Responding to comments how fantastic and made it. Instead of water used for syrup and milk hardly a reason not to our liking. The cake looks great, but ... a matter of taste!

stasi87, sorry, that was not your fancy.

For the third time I've made this cake is wonderful!

perunika, your picture is a great (and all others who show us). Glad you like it and thank you, dear! Enjoy your meal!

I want to say once again that the cake is great! I made her about the birthday of her mother - all were very impressed. Elti thanks for the recipe! Listened to your advice and added sour cream finally stirring it with a wire - cream became really much better than last time - easy to apply. Do not aim this time - I was not pleased with the decoration, which I did, but its taste is unique :)

di_jar, very glad I read your comments and I realized that you were satisfied with the recipe (this time more satisfied :). Enjoy your meal! Thank you for the clarification of sour cream, because it will be useful at all (in which the cream get thicker).

Thank you for the great recipe! :) It was a very delicious cakes. Definitely, it will prepare :)

Miroslava, and I thank you! I am very happy and your meal :)

Great cake! Many thanks for the recipe! Upload photo

And I thank you, martusha! I am very glad that I liked. Enjoy your meal :)

is Gorgeous! Do not do it for the first time (now I managed to photograph it) :) Home is one of the most popular cakes! Prepared her about Valentine's Day, but ... how to resist such temptation ... :) walked her watching her, and unanimously decided that it can not wait until tomorrow :) Elti, many thanks for the recipe!

And I thank you for your trust and I am very glad that you like, renito! Enjoy your meal! Image is very tasty! Rose sauce glaze or further pudding is?

Thanks :) Elti cream on top is *Ole* Dr. Oetker (strawberry with fruit pieces).

Pastry became a favorite of the family. Fast, easy and wonderful taste :)

I am glad that you like, Lilly_dale! Enjoy your meal!