Roasted Cream puff pastry

Submitted by enr on 09 Nov 2011
1.2 liters of fresh milk
200 g of sugar (or to taste)
1 package vanilla pudding (about 500 ml milk)
1 tsp cinnamon
100 g almonds pins
250-300 g butertesto
1 capsule cardamom
6 tbsp coker sawdust
3 eggs
Puff pastry baked in the oven. Almonds are roasted. Boil 1 liter of milk with coconut and cardamom capsule. Separately broken 200 ml milk with pudding powder packet. Add sugar and eggs and stirred until homogeneous. To steamed milk is poured in a thin stream egg mixture while beating with wire. Returns on the stove to boil. Cinnamon and put it crashed. Pour a shredded puff pastry and grilled almonds. Confused carefully with a spoon to distribute well, but not chopped into pulp. The whole was poured into a pan and bake for 30 minutes. * Instead of puff pastry can enjoy homemade noodles in a cream to put butter. * Can be flooded with red syrup as malebi. * You can put chopped dried fruit - dates, figs, etc. * diced and stirred cream pink delight gives great flavor.
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09 Nov 2011


You remind me of this cake, but due to lack of puff pastry base will be kadaif super decided to issue gift for tomorrow! Thanks, then I'll put a picture!

Flower, crude kadaif will dissolve / melt in the hot cream! Must be baked guess I never rules kadaif. Photos will be very glad that my camera is my son in Scotland and I do not how to shoot.

and I hit a stone with kadaif here buy when there is not when you need kadayfa pre-baked with a little oil until pink, bay sesavsem little cold syrup cream on top and bake becomes super, but much later I remembered that I have in the freezer squares puff pastry, will appoint me to do. The cake is very nice.