Toast bread in the bread machine

Submitted by enr on 20 Oct 2011
700 g sifted flour
15 g fresh yeast or 30 g of dry yeast
2 eggs
2 tsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
250 ml milk plus 50 ml fresh milk yeast
125 g butter
Toast bread in the bread machine
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In a bowl put 50 ml warmed milk, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp flour and yeast. Stir and leave in a warm place until the mixture swell and get a hat. In the court of the machine put the eggs, milk, melted butter, salt and sugar and stir to run the machine. Gradually pour in the flour and yeast. The program is for white bread - French type and light bread with a crispy crust. Choose option bread from 1250 g, option long program and option max. toast. * The density of the dough is like a bread machine, not hand-made pita, because it is somewhat rare, in order not only to avoid hampering the mechanism of agitators but thus bread machine rises more. * In this recipe bread always cleaved side, so 10 minutes before roasting you with a sharp knife to cut the bread at length in the middle. * Eggs are a type L - 63-75 g
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20 Oct 2011
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As weight products are well above 1 kg, which means that either option 1 kg is incorrect or there is an error in weight. The recipe is duplicative with Млечен bread baking

Eda dear, before you write a comment it changed to 1250 g. My machine has the option 1500 grams. Option with choice of weight is associated with the baking time - increases, and the machine off temperature baking often. This is explained in the manual of the machine - at least in my, although German or maybe just because of that.

Where are the Milky bread baking purposes 2 ovule and masaltseto?

true shedyovyr- congratulations

recipe is very good, but unusable for my machine because mine is about 500 g, 750 g and 1000 g. Marina if you have the proportions of 1000 grams add them below at the end of the recipe.

The good thing is that all the products are divided into 5. To obtain the same consistency calculated the following proportions to obtain 250 g basic product - 140 g. Flour, 60 g. Milk, 25 g. Of butter and 20 g. Egg and 3 g. Yeast. You can they see the amount of multiplying bread products respectively 2, 3 and 4. For example 500 g. Product - 280 g. Of flour, 120 g. Milk, 50 g. Butter, 6 g. Yeast, 1 pm. Teaspoon salt, 1 egg type M and 1 pm. L sugar.

Marina must have been excellent student in mathematics, me I do not ma with these weights and measures. but as you figured it will record for 500 and 700 grams. products and will try this recipe. And I have another recipe, but I'm not occurred to get them.

can this bread to make ra4no

Natalija, I do not know whether it can be done manually, because I do it only in the machine. I have a recipe *Bread for toast,* which after meddle - about 20 -30 minutes, divided into two and formed each wick in the form of rope - rotate, then intertwined ropes, put it in the form of cake. Dab with melted butter and top is glued film for packaging, not dry and leave to rise for 45 minutes. Dab with beaten yolk with water and sprinkle with sesame seeds if desired. The recipe is 375 gr.flour, '15 lard - 1 tablespoon, 190 ml. water, salt, sugar 1 tsp and 5 g. of dry yeast. I do not know whether there is already such a recipe, so you writing it here. I've done it long ago, and as far as I remember was of thread - like cake.

thank you Marina

I did experiment. 20 minutes before baking program stops the machine - without interrupting the program. I took the dough, divided it by 3 wick, which oiled rope as I turned and pripletoh. I waved agitators greased mold with butter, put the dough back braid and restart the program. The result is Fig. 5. Become like cake - Fig. 6. I never imagined it would get this result in such start and stop the machine.

Very interesting how '15 fresh yeast will be equal to 30 g of dry?

Honey do not ask me, ask the writers management of machine bread :). It's fresh, not frozen yeast. Most stores keep their yeast in the freezer. The dry yeast is the same situation, there are some that like putting a packet becomes, there is another that has to put two - depends on the strength of yeast if you have - heavy products - butter, milk, cream, sugar may be necessary to put three. I try to use dry yeast only a certain brand that znayay power - how I need a thing. The fact that these must not be expired or expire after two months for example. And if someone has a little experience and has worked with yeast dough dozen times not to ask such a question. For example, as do cakes, use fresh yeast and yeast pre-test and flour bread, that I did not go to work then the wind.

Well then clarified polzhenieto yeast, for someone like me who is not interfered (had it to begin with), will put as write without thinking. Everywhere in recipes using yeast two types - fresh and dry. For fresh yeast is meant one which is a cube and is standing in the refrigerator and is dry granulated packets.

recipes are to be able to follow them and get a result - that someone does not know is not a bug and issue of yeast is completely in place. Writing leadership can not ask them the question is added to human recipe. However, for the yeast is best to see what the manufacturer recommends, and most of this amount of flour needed '10 dry yeast.

That someone does not know is not a problem. Comments on the recipes are precisely, if the author is online, to ask. I can not write an entire article on the yeast in the recipe. Xevi has written in this Forum. Why then is the forum? Yeast is a latent bacteria, which under the influence of certain factors and medium begin to multiply. Their propagation depends on the type of bacteria / different manufacturers use different types /, and the middle - the type of flour that has salt-as it hinders breeding and dairy fat and bacteria golyamato sugar .. there are so . Mr. rapid yeast used in major industries. I put this amount of flour and these products. 15g fresh yeast in shelf life, not frozen - which is 1/3 of the cube, which standard is 42 grams. - Has come cholan if not 15 then 13 grams. The total quantity of the final product is 1250 g. Which is pretty quantity. I have tried at least 4 types of dry yeasts, different weight, a different amount of flour with different force yeast. I guess that can be used by Dr. Oetker, it is widely recognized brand and is something like Uncle Bens rice - pre-milled with bag - just dip in the hot water and going for 10 minutes. That is a relatively fast action. So you put 3 Maya Dr. Oetker directly into flour or two in advance in warm milk and sugar, operate them for 15 -20 minutes, depending on the heat in

:) - depending on the heat in the room. I only hope that my comments will not be considered as advertising.

ma_rri_na, does not need a whole article to yeast in general and of short answer for the yeast in this recipe :) The forum is to discuss various topics, but he is visited by all.

comments are to discuss the recipe, I think that the issue of yeast exhausted him.