Parlenka with olives and cheese

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2010
400 g yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
feta cheese
6-7 olives
small lump of butter
flour for soft dough
Parlenka with olives and cheese
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Pour flour into a bowl and make well. Successively added yoghurt with soda (be effervescent), sugar and salt. Involved soft dough, then allowed to rest for 10 minutes. In a greased and floured medium-sized round pan and place the dough by pressing spreads so as to cover the bottom. Pre-crumbled feta cheese, olives and chopped cleared butter pieces are distributed evenly over the dough, sprinkle with herbs and bake for about 20-30 minutes - until browned. Serve instead of bread or breakfast with yogurt.
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27 Jan 2010


It looks very appetizing.Will try.

looks very tasty

I will try.

Today I made. Was very tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

I'm glad you liked the recipe!

Message stuffing how to become a little -vdlabnata to do not sag as get to eat it. I tried to put pressure on, but when baking again inflates and rises again filling, etc.

Lazarina59, you know that these kind of tests are pressed in several places (before put to bake) with the teeth of the fork. Ham doing his patterns on the cake, yet not removed sheet. Try to do it after you put the cheese and another idea sprinkle with a little grated cheese, once melted stuffing should be removed!

Thank you, start in January ...

This way to the crumbled cheese added two eggs and I cast the mixture on the dough and of course colorful salt!

Very appetizing izglezhda :)

Great recipe! And not only looks appetizing ... :) :) !!

I already have a contract to dinner !! :)

Nelly, I'm glad that you liked it! :)

I very often get orders for this Parlenka! Nelly, try another option: 2 eggs, cheese and pour on Spread dough pieces of butter on top and ... licked his fingers!

Pepi, tried and options with eggs. Really licked his fingers:) general recipe is her rapid, simple, delicious! :)

Nelly, great looks! :)

Thanks, Pepi :)

pitas Pepi is great! Home made very often variants with eggs. But we love it thinner, so I bake it in a larger pan. The recipe is really good! Bravo!

Thank you for the kind words, Reni!

Pepi, I saw that you put tomatoes (your last picture) and not to be outdone :) and I did so.

And like you, Rennie? Do not put amazing ...? :(

I've missed :)! :)

Super vkusnol

This time she covered with chutney and sprinkled with cheese. Pepi great recipe!

diminished ingredients for the dough in half, we're on a diet with my husband. Changed and stuffing with tomato, cheese, 5 eggs of quail and savory. Became very very tasty! Thanks for the recipe! Enter into regular Saturday - Sunday breakfast.

Great parlemki, ladies! Bravo! :)

Last night I tried option: grilled pitas. The result, documented in pictures! :)

will be repeated, but ... her recipe is! Very quickly prepare delicious and scary! This time, except eggs, cheese and salt added colorful and finely chopped sausage. Very very tasty :)

Now, except olives and cheese put tomatoes and shredded cheese. I make it in often very love it!

What a coincidence, Rennie and I tonight Parlenka prepared with tomatoes and cheese. We were invited to dinner at the neighbors, all loved it.

Do you honestly say that last night and we were on this Parlenka, but not recording this time as soon upload pictures :) and because Gabby liked her most stuffed with egg and cheese almost always makes it a !! :)

Pepi, pitas attend very often our table (it shows) :) This time with eggs and cheese. Our favorite is!

Glad Reni! :) And I very often you prepare, improvise with different fillings and has not left! :)