Home ice-cream

Submitted by enr on 18 Jun 2010
1 liter of fresh milk
6 eggs
200 g sugar
1 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp flour
1 vanilla
1 tsp coffee (cocoa)
Home ice-cream
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Milk pour into a saucepan and put on stove to warm (not too hot). Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Yolks beat with 200 g sugar in a bowl, until most of the sugar is dissolved, add 4 tbsp flour, vanilla and dorazsheetva mixture. Add hot milk and gradually, as the beating continues. Lopsided mixture returns to the pan and over low heat, stirring constantly with is dovaryava until the cream to cool completely. When the cream is cool, beat egg whites on snow with 1 tbsp sugar and very carefully (not to fall), spoon by spoon, add to the cream, stirring with a wooden spoon in one direction until a homogeneous fluffy. In a small bowl portion is separated from the mixture and to it is added 1 tsp coffee or cocoa mix and returns to the main mixture, which is already in a suitable vessel to freeze, mix gently to obtain a mosaic effect and put in the freezer to freeze. May, optional, to stain with cooking paint and put different flavors of different colors.
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18 Jun 2010


If you put in the ice cream maker becomes more beautiful.Thanks for the recipe !!

Ice cream, stirring occasionally, lest there be ice crystals, because the milk still has water.The container should be closed well because the ice cream takes all odors from the freezer, and it ruins the temptation.

akva7 I do not need to mix it, I never precipitation is water at the bottom of the box.

Water is not removed and is not precipitated anywhere.I wanted to say that liquids at low temperatures become crystal and ice cream should be oily like butter, so mix.It is possible that your this is not necessary, because there is flour and flour in my recipe not put, and other products are the same.

Yes, most - probably because of the flour, because you are standing just like ice cream, is not kristali.sledvashtiya time will try to put some butter to be smoother and will write what is received.

added to the cream 1/2 packet of 125 grams of butter and became great maznichak ice cream.

If I do not get this ice cream. I followed the instructions and weights. Use home milk and eggs. Half left without flavor and color, and the other half put cocoa Nesquik. I added a little butter. The taste of eggs, however, is very intrusive, bottom separate water and ice cream itself stands somewhat crystal :(

mimsi, the only thing that comes to my mind is that they crossed the eggs and therefore emits water at the bottom, at least to me then I paid. For you sit slimy try to add one packet of creamer broken.

Thanks for the recipe! We have a home. animals and try it out! Became a wonderful cold temptation! I added and the tiny dose of fantasy in general - now is the time! I am supporter of homemade dishes and aircraft other things, so I tried a recipe and get-without sludge, without crystals. Stir it in hour two times. good luck to all!

Dani-65, very glad that received ice cream. I last time he put peach puree and became something deliciously because it felt natural flavor of the fruit.

And I thank you for the recipe! Today I prepared sladoleda- wonderful happened. I followed the recipe almost iztsyalo- except that I added not one but three vanillin and do not add coffee or cocoa us. Just try it and to me there is no crystal or precipitate is simply awesome. Chestichko will definitely take this recipe.

Very tasty ice cream get :) Perfect for summer! Upload a photo.

that I would give it a try

It was a great ice cream.

I am very glad that you liked the ice cream. In our whole summer has it in the freezer.

I just put it in the camera. I kept everything as stated in the recipe. Now we have to mix it 5-6 times and hope to get a great delicious homemade ice cream. Cross your fingers.

Can I just ask when you put the oil to become more maznichak ice cream? Thanks in advance for your reply and sorry for the stupid question.

Nea, in my opinion, should not put oil because it can change the taste and even the recipe and do not write as an ingredient was not mentioned but you may eksperentirash and can then share what happened: )

Many successful retsepta- added oil (50-60 g.) And plenty of vanilla and get great ice cream without crystals. :)

From personal experience to share. The mixture will be precipitated and so on.. If the chamber is thin. Strong camera freezer to freeze fast-no such problems.

I tried the recipe and get great ice cream. I only had 5 eggs, otherwise the rest of the recipe I kept as written. From this amount of products I received two large boxes of ice cream. Thanks for the recipe, I am happy :)

Girls, I am very glad that you received ice cream. If I want to have a different flavor, slightly damp sugar and then savor a stepche. But I think that in the original version is the most beautiful.

At home we are big fans of cream and vanilla custard so keen he'd got this ice cream last night. I put it in the freezer, and managed only twice to mix it before bed. Today tried it - great taste, but there crystals. Reni, if he should do it in a day time, so I can mix it more often? :) A recipe is wonderful, now I can and creamy vanilla, and cream: D Thanks! Excellent from me.